Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Day I Accidentally Stole a Car; and other tales

I have said before that stories are in my blood. All of my siblings have, at one time and in some fashion or another, been writers. The other day we were messing with an extremely old and somewhat broken computer, and came across some of my older brother's work. Just for the fun of it, I thought I'd post one of his short stories for some random English class he took. :D
[names have been changed to protect the innocent guilty. it's a relatively true story, as true as any such story can be. :)]


      I have always believed I am an exceptionally gifted person. For example, like a great modern-day Daniel Boone I have never been lost, just temporarily disoriented. Unfortunately, in a society where everyone is disoriented almost constantly, my gifting has gone largely unappreciated. Countless times in car-travel, I have taken a wrong turn, and driven down a completely unknown road for hours, only to end up at the right place after all, right on time. This phenomenon used to be merely accidental. Lately, however, I have taken to trying to lose myself on purpose, just to see what happens. It just doesn’t work. I always find a way.
            Speaking of cars, I have a habit of being temporarily disoriented while outside of them as well. Walking out of the post office, I cannot find my car anywhere--anywhere. Come on, this is a small town. So I step across the street to the police station to report my car stolen, only to remember while I’m there, that I actually rode my bike to the post office.
            “Mr. Smith? Yes, we located your car right where the thieves left it--in your driveway.”
            “Well, that was nice of them!”
            The other day, I was running errands with my younger brother, sort of as a brotherly mentoring opportunity - that’s a really vital sort of thing. I walked out of the store toward our white Camry, keys in hand. I unlocked the door, threw the bag in the seat beside me, made sure Benjamin was buckled up in the backseat, turned the key in the ignition, and slowly pulled out. Then I noticed a tall woman fly out of the store, flailing her purse above her head like a lasso, and running right towards us. I instinctively stopped. Maybe it was the way her long red hair streamed out wildly behind her that got my attention, very much like the long red flames that were shooting out her eyes and mouth.
            “Yes ma‘am, can I help you?”
            “What on earth are you doing? That’s MY car!”
            “Ma’am, uh, I unlocked it with my key, and my key also fit the ignition. I don’t think--"
            “Oh my word, I know!”
            “Just a minute.”
            Stepping out of the car, I looked across the parking lot. There, not two parking spaces away from where the other car had been, was an absolutely identical, white 2001 Toyota Camry. Well, how did it get there?
            Going through the same motions a few seconds later, in the right car, my brother remarked from the back. “I was wondering why you got in that other person’s car. There was a purple fuzzy monster in the back seat.”
           “Ben, why didn’t you tell me?”
            “Because you looked like you knew what you were doing.”
            Ah, I was relieved! I had mastered a man’s lifelong key to disorientation - projecting perfect confidence. Always look like you know what you’re doing. I guess my freshman year at college had paid off some way. I hope Benjamin was inspired, and appreciated the invaluable lesson I was living before him that day. 
           My guess is, probably not.

Friday, January 25, 2013

January-ish Snippets

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this has nothing to do with anything.
I just thought it was cool. 

Starting the year off right with some bits of writing! :) Actually, I was hoping to finish something over Christmas break...I guess I should be glad I got my first application finished? :) 
And I did get some writing in, which was lovely. Although...given that 2 of the 3 stories I'm writing at the moment have guy MC's and the 3rd is very strong on the guy front, I'm hoping they don't seem too much alike. :P
And my story about 4 brothers? I'm just starting to realize that means I need to have 4 distinctive POVs. How did I not see the difficulty in that before? :P lol

Tristan was gone. 
Derek took a shuddering breath, then whispered softly, “La vendetta del cielo su voi…” and shuddered again.
Blair looked at him out of the corner of his eyes, and translated hesitatingly from the Italian, “The vengeance of heaven will fall down upon you?”
Derek nodded once, and neither spoke again.
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

            “Odds of winning there, sir, are eight to one. If I joined that game over there,” he gestured with his chin, “It would be one in a hundred an’ four. But that’s not countin’ some things, and I think they’re less experienced at that table. Which one you want me to play?”
            Payton shook his head slightly. “You play whatever game you want, Will. Just win.”
            Will nodded. “Yes, sir. By how much?”
            For an instant Payton stared at him, then he caught Will’s grin and slapped him on the shoulder. 
~ Will Arrington

            I stopped dusting, turning to face her with my hands on my hips. “Your guard,” I said bluntly, “is a pig.”
~Tam Lyn

Will laughed gleefully. “Oh, he did that according to Hoyle!”
Mr. Elliot looked at him. “Hoyle?”
That was a slip. “You probably haven’t read it,” he shrugged. Given their view of cards, he was sure of it. Finley had made him memorize the book.

~Will Arrington

But she sighed dramatically. “Whatever is wrong with you creatures?” she asked, then pointed to the ground. “Sit.”
He sat.
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

            “Give him time. You can’t hold him close, as you could a younger child – he is already almost a young man. All we can really do is provide a home for him; he is the one who must choose to live in it. Let him have his freedom.”
            On the other side of the wall, Will thumped his pillow emphatically. “You’d better,” he whispered. “Or I’ll bust outa here so fast you won’t know what happened. I came out here so I wouldn’t get killed, not so I could get parents to watch my every move!”
~ Will Arrington

With clean-cut dark hair and a toothpaste ad perfect smile, the man looked like a poster boy for a police officer recruiting station. His hands shoved in the pockets of his dark blue jeans, he sauntered towards the desk, leaning forward to read over the girl’s shoulder as she wrote something down on a Post-it note.

- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

            He turned.
            “How is my baby?”
            He looked at me a moment, as if he could not believe what he was hearing. “You could have come and seen for yourself,” he said, the bitterness that comes only from cruel betrayal seeping through his words.
~ Tam Lyn

Blair rubbed his hand roughly across his face. “This reminds me of the time the psych patient in room thirteen ordered pizza,” he muttered. “Let’s go.”

- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“Smile like sunshine and hair like flames?”
~ Will Arrington

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One woe is past...

and behold, there come two woes more hereafter...

Scarcely 24 hours have passed since I sent in my application to medical school. I've been working on it for what feels like months (though really it's been mostly the past two weeks, except for my personal statement, which yes, I spent quite a while on). It was slightly terrifying to hit the submit button...but once that thing was gone, I was soooo happy. :D 
One woe was past.

And behold, I have received the supplemental application already. Which is, like, twice as long and twice as complicated, and oh, yeah, due in a month. 

A month during which I am supposed to publish a book, have a Valentine's party for my group of girls (adolescent mentoring/Bible study - I also need to figure out what we're doing for a theme this spring!), volunteer at the rehab center, and start what looks to be an extremely challenging semester of school. 
(Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, labs for both of those courses, Health Psychology, and I'll be teaching Genetics Supplemental Instruction - every Thursday I'll be at school from 7:30am to 7:30pm. O.o I've never had a school day that long before...)

*cough* me, this next semester, all day long...
I'm excited for all of it (well, I still haven't quite figured out what I'm going to be doing in my 3 and 4 hour labs...which apparently do not require textbooks...), but at the same time it can feel a bit overwhelming if I stop and think about it. And having had only 1 day between applications to not stress out...well, right now I'm at the point where I wouldn't mind just staying in bed and watching kdramas the rest of my life, lol. And yet, of course, I really would mind. 

Because I know God has a plan in which all the incredibly random things I love fit together for His glory. Things are already starting to match up (you would not believe how perfectly being a writer and a doctor works out!), and now I'm at the place where whether I either board the boat or get stuck on a rotting dock. Yes, there are a million things I could be doing right now...but I can't do them all, and some of them need to take a back seat right now, like flying and horse back riding already have. The thought of not doing some of the things I love as much as I am used to doing them scares me a bit...but if that's what it takes...that's what it takes.
Since, after all, I couldn't be content to merely hear the stories of others, or even to write my own, much as I adore both of those. I want to live my story, the story God has planned for me, no matter how daunting the next chapter appears.

You all have different stories, and are at different chapters in your lives...and I don't know if you, as authors or readers/watchers of stories, tend to get sucked into those worlds at the expense of your own, but I do feel like I've heard this feeling expressed several times in the past few weeks. 
2013 needs to be a year of living our own stories. 
Not forswearing all other stories (I would die, for one thing, and for another, it's in those places where our lives intersect with others that I believe God is most glorified), but just making sure we are not missing out on the stories God is writing for our lives.

To that end, then...

(and I apologize to those of you who do not get why this is supposed to make you all feel better.) XD

Friday, January 4, 2013

Today was awesome. :)

Like... all 12 days of Christmas crammed into 1 awesome. :D


12 hours in the ER

11 nurses nursing*

10 rooms always full*

9 diseases studied*

8 useful internet sites*

7 pages of notes*

6 minutes eating lunch*`

5 story ideas^*

4 books to study

3 patients questioned***

2 busy doctors*****

1 wide-eyed pre-med student**

*these numbers weren't exactly counted, just estimates ;)

*` and I was reading one of the diagnostic books while eating, so that one's really a guess :D Hehe, and I did wonder at myself, since I don't think I ever imagined I'd be the girl perched in the middle of an ER, reading from a 4-in-thick book about Crohn's Disease and diverticulosis while shoving a sandwich in my mouth and loving every minute of it...

^* Just wait until I get some January Snippets on this blog... XD

***By me. As a student. You have no idea how smashingly brilliant it felt to walk into a room, introduce myself, and start taking patient history. It. was. incredible. 

***** The one I shadowed was amazing. A.mazing.

** That would be me. I think my eyes hurt now. Like when you've been smiling all day long? Only it's my eyes. Or maybe that's what happens when you get up before 5am for the first time since break... ;)


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