Sunday, December 16, 2012

Liebster Times Three!

Thank you to Melody, Mirriam and Vicki, for this marvelous award! :D Sooo fun! XD 

Note to everyone: you may be awarded in this post, or in one of the next 2 or 3 award posts that I will be doing! Make sure to check and see! :D

Back to this particular award - I love all your sets of questions! :) (And Melody, you awarded me this in September... apparently 3rd time's the charm, because I am FINALLY getting to it. *blush*)

Rules: Post eleven random facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions the awarder has given you and make up eleven questions for your awardees to answer in return. Tag eleven fellow bloggers, and notify them of the award. Some people say no tag-backs and the tagged must have less than 200 followers... some don't say so. :)

One must love the 11 random facts part... I never have any idea what I will say until after I say it. :) Look out. XD

1) I love the number 11, so this is a totally fun tag! XD

2) I finished dissecting a cat on Wednesday! I'm soooo happy... we've been working on it twice a week since sometime in October or so. *cough* Eew. Actually, my lab partner and I just decided we weren't going to dissect any more, so we actually finished on Monday. XD 
Now all I've got left is a lab exam... for which I must, among about a million other things, learn all the arteries and veins. Do you have any idea how many of those there are??? :P

3) I love fire. And wind. And water. But not particularly earth. :P

4) I went to my brother's church last Sunday, and he wanted to know why I was shorter... it was probably the first time in SEVERAL months that he'd seen me in anything less than 2-3-inch heels. :)

6) I'm currently watching a drama that is like watching one of my books turned into a movie. It's almost scary. Of course, my girl character is turned into a boy, the villainess is turned into a man (and made much more sympathetic), and it's set in Korea during the 1700's, rather than some nonexistent country during the 1100's,  but... the personalities and choices people make and just the feel of the story are soooo similar... 

7) I had a genetics test Wednesday night and didn't drink any caffeine because I didn't want to stay up all night... I yawned through the whole test and couldn't sleep afterwards anyway. (Probably because I'd studied all day. :P)

8) I get jealous of my brothers' eyes. Particularly the one who has grey/green/blue eyes, and can put on a green hat to have the most vibrant green eyes you've ever seen, or a grey shirt to get smokey grey eyes, or a blue jacket to get sky blue eyes. It's like he's wearing colored contacts... :D 

9) This song makes me want to cry. (It's sad in English too. :P)

5) I read books I like over and over and over. Like twice if I enjoyed it, and then probably 6-10 times if I really liked it. :) 

10) I have a terrible time finding presents for my family members. The last present I gave was making a special meal for my brother. He hasn't picked the menu yet... hopefully I can manage to do it to his satisfaction. :)

11) Toyota Camry ads Crack. Me. Up. To be perfectly honest, I do not know how Lee Min Ho keeps a straight face... HAHA, okay, I take that back - his smile at "We have the Camry SE on our side!" is a little bit out of place... XD

And to answer Miss Muffin's questions first... at last... :P

1. What is your favorite flower?
Hmm... Lilacs (because they're old-fashioned and pretty and smell amazing), Hibiscus (because they're big and bright and in-your-face kind of beautiful), or Lilies (for reasons few know), are the three that come to mind first... XD

2. Do you plan to see The Hobbit and/or Les Miserables when they come out in December?
Probably not... I've only been to a theatre... twice in my life. I think I would enjoy watching Les Miserables with as many people in my family as I could convince to watch it with me, though... we'll see how good I am at lobbying. XD

3. If you could wear a dress from any period movie, what would it be?

Gahh... right now... I'm just going to be different and say this:
Even though I would look nothing like that... but I just find it absolutely fascinating how different Asian culture (specifically, Korean) was from our own during the 1800-early 1900's. :) Plus, I love that color red. XD

Haha, of course, I only pick that if I can't wear this outfit:
which is technically, I guess, armor... but hey, it looks more like a dress than a lot of things I've seen - and I'm thinking it would be a whole lot easier to do stuff (ride horses, anyway?) while wearing it. XD

Haha, and I want his cloak too. It just looks cool. XD
(Just so you know, I really don't usually even like guys' clothes from period dramas! But... that cloak... what exactly makes it a guy's? :P I want it... XD)

4. Have you read any of Beverly Lewis' Amish fiction books?
Yes... I believe so. I know I read a couple from a few different authors just to see what the blather was about - some I felt were definitely more Christian than others (can't remember which authors were which, anymore :P), but none of them were especially my kind of book. *shrug*

5. Do you prefer Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley?
*sigh* Neither. My temperament and theirs... incompatible. Though dreadfully enough, I think I could take Mr. Darcy's inconsiderate insults better than Mr. Knightley's, "Badly done." That, I'm afraid, would break me.

6. Have you ever ridden a horse and if so, do you regularly ride?
Yes! and not at this moment. :P *thinks of my poor horse languishing without me and cries* She's probably enjoying her vacation. :P

7. If you could time travel, what historical period would you visit?
I have said it before and I will say it again - if I could time travel, what historical period wouldn't I visit?  I'd be in a different decade every day... :D

8. What is your favorite hymn?
I really love Be Thou My Vision, Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Christ the Lord has Risen Today, Because He Lives, Low in the Grave He Lay... do I have to pick one?? I can't...  

9. Who is your favorite poet?
I NEVER read poetry as a child... and now that I am no longer a child, I have little time for poetry. But I loved The Ballad of the White Horse, so I'm just going to go with Chesterton for the moment. :)

10. Do you knit, crochet, tat or embroider?
I've been taught to knit some half a dozen times and forgotten how just as many... I can crochet - though I gave up on doilies rather in disgust after my mom kept on buying them for like 50 cents at garage sales. Why should I spend hours upon hours when my mom can find a dozen for a couple bucks? My time is worth more than that... and I already proved I could crochet doilies, so... :P
I can cross-stitch, if that counts... :)

11. What is your least favorite book?
Ahh... that is hard also... in general, any candidates for that title are something I try to forget as quickly as possible. :P
But the one that comes most quickly to mind is My Choice, God's Grace, which book drove me nearly insane. I read a lot of books about abortion. Like I ordered out that entire section from interlibrary loan. And none of the others, even one I read by an utterly un-regretful practicing abortion doctor, bothered me like that particular book. *sigh*

And now to answer Mirriam's intriguing questions... :D

1. Do you create playlists for your novels when you write, or do you write better without music?
Oh, I have playlists upon playlists. XD I look back at my stories before we really had internet, when I sat down and simply wrote a story - no music, no pictures, no videos, just a story... and almost wonder how I did it. :) Music can make me focus and get back into a character's head after I've been away too long... music completely inspired one of my stories. (I've thought about adding a list of the songs that inspired it in the back, but then I'd probably have to get permission from a million people to mention their song in my book. XD)
Anyway, so, yeah, I like writing to music - though I think when I get caught up on a scene I completely tune it out. :D

2. Is there anything you have given up in order to be able to write?
My sanity? :D
Being thought well-of by the 'normal' people I know?  :)
Hehe, I don't think I've ever specifically had to make a choice between writing and something else I really wanted to do - I'm a pretty laid-back writer: if a story comes screaming into my brain, I will write it. If it wants to play quietly, I let it. When it comes screaming, all I want to do is write, and so there's generally not much choice to be made. :) (Do I want to write this awesome scene or study organic chemistry and physics... hmm... :P I truly hope I have not given much up in the way of grades in order to write... :)

3. What character (not your own) has moved or inspired you the most? Why?
That's hard... I'm not sure if there is a 'most'... For years and years and years, William Wallace of Scottish Chiefs was like my definition of the word 'hero,' which I'm sure affected me. (Haha, though reading through that book more recently, there was a whole lot I didn't remember from reading it when I was 10. I adored it then, though, boy. XD)
Reading Jessica Greyson's as-yet-unpublished story Sufficient Grace was definitely a huge thing... kind of like looking in a mirror and seeing myself reflected somehow into the 1800's. Grace, strangely enough, somehow managed to show both my best and worst tendencies, and even while making me thankful that I had not been sent through the wringer that was her life, inspired me to be better in quite a few different ways.
Most recently... I'd probably have to say Mir from Monster. God definitely had some things to teach me through that book, though I have not yet quite figured out how He wants me to apply it all. :)

4. Have you ever seen a real-life version of your character walking down the street?
I wish... :) The closest I've come to that is having one character that was inspired by 3-4 of my family members - and sometimes they do things now and it freaks me out, because the character went on to become his own person... and yet the similarities in personality (despite there being 4 different personalities involved...) can be shocking. :) There will be completely random  moments where one of the original inspirations will do something absolutely out-of-the-blue that would never fit in a story and I will just be staring at them going ___ would so do exactly that! I can't believe YOU just did it! XD

5. Have you ever been inspired by something completely random and strange? (“Did she say she liked to draw swill-buckets?”)
Haha, pica? That's more like creepy-psycho-weird, though... and it only resulted in a flash of inspiration, not a full story. :D Yet, anyway... If it does result in a full story, it will probably be my most random and strange inspiration. XD
Chicken pox did give me a totally silly story... ;) *shakes head at self* :P
An illustration I heard at a Bible study once inspired me to write a completely random and strange story - but I don't think the illustration itself was entirely random and strange. :D
Generally I think my inspiration comes from fairly normal sources - music, pictures, books, movies, poems, conversations... :D

6. Have you ever come up with a fantastic idea, only to find out that someone in the past stole it from you?
I thought I had a fantastic idea once... only then one day I picked up a Janette Oke book, and she'd written my idea almost exactly. If I had been any older than about 13 at the time, I would be embarrassed about that. LOL

7. Is there one thing people tend to say all the time that you absolutely hate?
Well... besides the fact that most people at state universities apparently can't put a sentence together without swearing at least once... :P Vocab, people, vocab... there *are* more words in the world, believe me.
Hmm. I was told a thousand times as a child that 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me', which is probably one of the biggest lies on earth... Especially for a person whose love language is words of affirmation. :P

8. Is there a Tumblr you go to for inspiration? 
Not a particular one... This one ->
has a lot of pretty on it (though it's a little weird every once in a while), and I generally find pretty rather inspirational... :D
Pinterest I pretend has inspiration, but so far I don't think I've actually been inspired by anything I've found on it, lol. 

yes, this is one of them... why do I like
the sad ones? I don't know... 

9. What does your writing space look like?
Um... *cough* A crime scene/wreckage left after a tornado? :P 
I have a desk that was my older brother's once (and my father's before that... the thing shows its age, shall we say... *goes to open drawer, entire front of drawer comes off in hand*) sitting before a lovely window... only the curtains are drawn and have become become a pinboard of sorts. Let's see... I have one more genetics quiz, a nutrition quiz due before the 10th, and apparently I've been summoned for jury duty. Yay. :P 
The desk itself is rather covered in notes... text books... pens... pencils... etc... Behind me is all my clothes (this room has no closet. There are much worse places to live during college, believe me, but a closet would be nice), two amazing pictures by Gold-Seven :) and a Voice of the Martyrs poster. And a whole set of anatomy posters. :P Fuuun... or kind of creepy, depending on your POV. XD So yeah, otherwise I write wherever. XD Most of my serious writing is done in my room, though.

10. Do you have a ‘routine’ for writing?
Ha. Write when the story comes... soak in inspirational things when it doesn't. :)

11. Have you ever been struck with creative lightning at an inappropriate time?
As a pre-med college student, pretty much all times are inappropriate. :P I've scribbled during lectures and sermons... straight though classes... gone up to my room to study and spent the entire time writing... Probably the most inappropriate time of all is finals week, during which I can almost guarantee you one of my characters will suddenly decide it's the perfect moment to start blabbing their entire life story, until I'm nearly crying as I beg them to simply be quiet for a few more days. And then the semester ends and they go into hibernation. :P
Pretty much creative lightning strikes occur in an inverse ratio to the appropriateness of said striking time. :)

And Vicki's delightful list... :D

 1.) What is your favorite kind of fruit or fruit juice?
Apple juice is the best... and I do like apples... but I do love pears and plums and grapes quite a lot.... So, yeah, purple grapes are my favorite. XD

2. Did you have a dream when you were a child of what you wanted to be when you grew up, and have you achieved or are you achieving that dream?
Hmm... I never could decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. Mostly I wanted to have a dozen children, except for the days I wanted none... ;) I did decide pretty early on that if I didn't get married I wanted to work in health care, and I'm coming pretty far on that goal (Less than a month before my med school application must be in!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!) I knew I was always going to write... and *cough* IhaveabookcomingoutinFebruary2013ifallgoesaccordingtoplan... XD 

3. What is your favorite article of clothing?
Ay-yi-yi... I have a black wool coat I dearly love... my high heels that make me laugh whenever I put them on... polar fleece pajamas that are amazing - you need them in winter around here, seriously... a brown shawl that makes me happy every time I wrap it around my shoulders... It depends what the weather is like and how I happen to be feeling at the moment. XD

4. A random stranger walks up to you and hands you three plane tickets to your dream destination - where is that destination, and whom do you take with you?
ooooooh... so evil... Um... gah... I think I'm going to Scotland and taking my mom and my little sister... and figuring out a way to buy 1 more ticket because I'm hauling Jessica along with me, just because. XD 
Or I'm going to South Korea and selling the other two tickets to the highest bidders among my blogging acquaintances... XD

5. If you are in college, what is your major? If you are not in college, what is one subject that you are passionate about?
I am in college... majoring in cell and molecular biology. Although, if I get into medical school for fall of 2013, I think I'll just end up with a Bachelor's in Science. Assuming I don't flunk out of med school my first year. :P Anyway, my major is definitely a means to an end - I don't particularly want to be a molecular biologist. :)

6. What is your favorite kind of weather?
Alllll kinds of weather... I adore storms... they're awesome... though it's a bummer when they wreck stuff. :P But nice storms that look scary and don't hurt anything are probably my favorite. XD Otherwise I love sunshine and blue skies...

7. If you could attend any one concert of your choosing, whom would you go see?
Gahh... how do you come up with these questions... XD Umm... probably either Josh Groban or actually even Joo Won... (Despite his fashion sense. XD I just think he's an awesome actor, so it would probably be more because of that that I'd want to go... but he got his start in musicals, so... :D) 
(though to be perfectly honest, I'd probably spend half of either concert fighting the urge to punch irritating fan girls. Shut up and listen to him sing! LOL Though, okay, okay, I know half the fun of live concerts is cheering when the singer/musician does something especially well... it's just so annoying to listen to later. :D)

8. What country/countries do your ancestors come from?
Quite a few from Germany... At least one from Whales... and then some strange mixture of Irish/English/??? with some French thrown in. At least their last name was French, so I'm assuming... Their first names, however, where like Minota and Leota, though, so I'm thinking a French fur trader and Native American family in there somewhere? :) And then I'm 1/32 Cherokee, so definitely America. XD 

9. Is there any one theological question about the Bible or something in it that has always puzzled you, and if it's not too private, could you share it?
Oh, definitely more than one... though in general there are fewer and fewer the older I get and the better I know the Bible... :) Hmm... one particular one... well, as Peter said, Paul definitely is always writing things 'hard to be understood.' :P I guess I've seen the role of women in the church interpreted so differently even just in the different churches I've been to in my life, I wouldn't mind having a bit more explanation on that whole topic. 

10. How long is your hair?
Oy... Hmm... ~25 inches? It used to be down to about 4 inches above my knees, and I was bound and determined to have it grow those 4 inches, but due to circumstances quite beyond my control I was forced to cut it - it was a very sad day. :P Though I think I am finally okay with having "short" hair. I admit it took me a while. :P

11. What was the last book that made you cry?
Ack... I do not cry easily when reading... (I cry far too easily in real life :P Though I will take laughing over crying any time I can - which tends to tick people off when they think I should be crying. :P *sigh* sorry...) I know I was just reading something sad... but I honestly cannot remember what was the last book that actually had me crying. (You'd think I'd remember them easier, when they are so few. :P Seriously, self... :P)

And I tag... 
(*cough* if you've already been tagged with this - and I know quite a few of you have - if you just want to answer the questions? :D)

And yes, I did just put you all in alphabetical order... yikes. 

Anyway... your questions are... :D

1) How would you define the perfect big sister?

2) What is the last sentence you stopped and re-read because you liked it? (Written by you or anyone else XD)

3) What is your all-time favorite Asian Drama and why? Or, if not applicable, why do you not watch Asian Dramas?

4) What is your favorite nickname and who gave it to you?

5) Is there one song you could listen to over and over and over and never get sick of?

6) What time do you generally go to bed/get up?

7) What is the hardest thing for you to say to someone and really, really mean it?

8) What is the funniest book you ever read?

9) Which of these three in general - songs, movies, or books - do you find can most quickly get to you emotionally?

10) What Christmas present are you most excited to give this year?

11) What is the most recent thing you've read in the Bible that made you stop and think?

8 thoughts shared:

Vicki said...

Okay, girl. Seriously.

*Summons the sternest and most outraged face she can muster*

WHY HAVE WE NOT HEARD ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING BOOK BEFORE?? And what's with sticking that earth-shaking announcement unobtrusively in the middle of your post like that???

Aren't you even going to give us a few hints??

Yours on pins and needles,

P.S. Totally with you on the college students who can't speak more than two sentences without cursing ... what's up with that? I've heard various British people make fun of Americans because our vocabularies are so small that all we can do is curse ... how embarrassing!!

Katherine Sophia said...

LOLLL Vicki... XD I tend to do that in conversations too... I'm not sure why - that's just how I announce things. XD
But I guess I didn't know what I was doing for such a long time I just didn't want to say anything until I had at least an IDEA... which I think I do now. XD And if I survive this week (which happens to be finals week... yay... when is your Christmas break, anyway?) I should have a post actually about it Friday or Saturday or something like that. :D

Kiri Liz said...

Hey, Katherine! Thanks for tagging me! I've already done the tag a few times on my blog, so I hope you won't mind me answering the questions here! I know personally that sometimes the best part of the tag is reading all the answers your friends give. ;)

1. Someone who is caring, compassionate, ready to defend you, willing to encourage and humiliate you for the better, patiently listens to you pound out Phantom of the Opera on the piano daily, sings by your side while you're doing the dishes, does your hair when you're frustrated with the stubbornness of the aforementioned locks, etc. etc. Yes, I am describing Beth Grace... my real, big sister.

2. "What were you worrying about?" he grumbled to the excited captain after Father had been dragged in. "He'd have eventually floated up on the shore of Scotland, spry as a goat and twice as stupid." (from My Philadelphia Father, spoken by Tony Drexel, concerning millionaire Mr. Biddle after he decided to take a swim in the ocean to the terror of the poor captain)

3. I didn't even know such things existed! Well, not until now, of course.

4. My family loves nicknames way too much. My blogger name is actually a nickname given to me by my sister Beth, but I also love being called Kitty (from my little cousin but my sister KT Bugs calls me that all the time now) and Dee (from another cousin). My favorite? Take your pick.

5. God Bless Us Everyone by Andrea Bocelli. Epic song!

6. My desired schedule? 7am-10pm. My real schedule due to living in a time zone when the sun refuses to rise and set at normal times: 8am-11pm. Or later. Yes, when I live the sun rises at 9am in the winter. Most imcommodious business.

7. It's not hard for me to say something that I really mean, unless I'm overwhelmed with happiness and can't phsyically speak for the tears of joy pouring down my cheeks. So, truthfully, one of the hardest things to say is just "I love you"to a special person who has just blessed you in a way that you never expected.

8. One extremely funny book: My Philadelphia Father. I'm currently reading that one and randomly bursting out into laughter, causing my siblings to look at me funny.

9. I guess movies would the most, especially when they're based on true stories. But I usually don't cry during movies.

10. ALL OF THEM! Well, I'm rather excited to give my youngest sister KT Bugs the Rapunzel dress I made for her doll. She's a big fan of Tangled, and she's been begging me for a Rapunzel dress. :D

11. The lineage of Christ in Matthew 1. The only lineage in the Bible that contains women. And reading through the names, it's a whole line of people who were known for horrible sins (murderers, aldulterers, liars, theives, etc.). While most people just think of Matthew 1 as a boring list of dead people, it's a story of God's grace and how He can do amazing things through otherwise sinful people who put their faith in Him and are willing to be used for His purposes.

Erika said...


But I'd announce something so earth-shaking in an out-of-the-way manner like that as well.

Still, that announcement definitely stood out in the post! What was the rest of this post about anyway? :) ;)

That is EXCITING! :)

Vicki said...

Well, you'd BETTER. I want to HEAR about this.

Seriously, though, I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to hear what it's about - I've been bitten by the writing bug lately (my finals were last week and I'm done, yay!), and your inspirations always inspire me. :-) Be sure and tell us when you can!

Ooh, good luck on your finals ... finals are awful ... my brain can only study for about twenty minutes straight before it goes "ERP, no more, need Pinterest ..." I'll pray for you!! *Cyber hug*


Lizzy said...

Ooh, upcoming book. *bounces* I'm excited. ;D I have quite a few books I should read, and I can't wait to add yours to the list.
And thanks for tagging me!!!! ;D *hug* These are fun questions!

Merry Christmas!!! <3 <3 <3

Lizzy said...

Oh, and I'll totally take you up on that ticket to South Korea. ;D *packs bags*

Katherine Sophia said...

Oh, yes, it's just fun to see what people say! And I totally don't mind you answering it on here, Kiri Liz!
Aww... lucky you, to grow up with a big sister... :)
And what fun nicknames! :D
O.o ugh... I have a hard time getting up before the sun, so... if sunrise was an hour later I'd be in trouble. :)
I now want to read My Philadelphia Father... :D
:P I don't generally cry during movies either... though when I do I'm pretty much bawling. :P
Oh, that sounds like a great Christmas present! :D I think younger siblings are always more fun to get stuff for... XD
Ooh... I like that. Matthew 1 really is fascinating if you stop and look at it...
Thanks for doing the tag! :D

Ahh! *runs away from stern looks* XD As to the rest of the post... I'm not sure anymore, Erika... XD I'm never very good at blog tags, and when I am some half a dozen of them behind and short on sleep... I just go crazy on them. :P

Maybe tomorrow, Vicki? :) Congratulations on finishing finals! :D And yay writing bug! (Though of course I was bitten this week... :P did get at least a few interesting scenes down and some very helpful ideas for where a story needed to go... probably didn't help my studying any, but... :P)
And thanks - finals truly are awful. :P My mom dropped me off today (I'm sick... and it was freezing... and my test was early... :P) and she's like, everyone here looks so sad... XD it's like, yeah... that's finals week... attempting to ruin Christmas every year... *rolls eyes* :P
Haha, and that's funny - 20 minutes was the number I learned in tutoring class - they said most people's brains are unable to focus any longer than that. :D Though I think I can focus on some things way longer than that... Just not... genetics... :P XD

Merry Christmas to you too, Lizzy! I've been missing your blog posts! :) And yay, South Korea here we come! XD


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