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Character Tag, Post 2

in continuation... 

Four of my favorite good characters... :) 
*cough* isn't that like picking favorite children?? Maybe we should just go with characters that most interest me at the moment? Maybe? :D

1) Jaden Beorn And It was Love

both of these top pictures were made by Jessica... she has a
knack for capturing images I like. XD
*cough* He wasn't even supposed to be in the book... but once he appeared, he took over. Because of him, the story actually came together and almost makes sense. ;) I love the fact that of all my 'heroes', he grows the most over the course of the story, and the story is as much about him learning the true meaning of love as it is about anything. 

2) Tarian Storm And It was Love

He, on the other hand, started the book. :D It was his relationship with his sister I wanted to write about, and I did... though it ended up being in a completely different way than I ever intended. For about the first half of the book, he appears only in flashbacks. Why do I like him... Because he's cool. XD And passionate about what he believes - so much so that he truly is willing to die or live for his beliefs and those he loves, something rather rare both in his day and ours... and he's just an awesome older brother. XD

:P Sorry, but this is the closest I've been able to find...
sometimes I get really sick of trying to find pictures to
match my characters. XD google does try to help... 
3) Sophie Morgan The Sons of Bretton Meyrick 

Another of those characters who simply was not supposed to be. But she's a dear, sweet thing with quite a lot of spunk... a blue-eyed, black-haired girl of Welsh descent (at least that's the idea right now) whose conman father recently got out of jail... 
and whose mysterious friend (he's also a boy, but he refuses to allow the possibility of boy-friend) just so happens to be the bounty hunter who put him there... Why do I like her? Again, because she makes the story. :) She's a game-changer... (*cough* she keeps on rewriting the story on me...) and will definitely be interesting to write. 

and yes... apparently she gets a .gif... that's just how cool
she is. XD And thank you to the
person who suggested whoever this actress is as a model!
She fits perfectly! XD

4) Kaladhiel StarDusk

"The sun has set, and a mist is in the flowers; 
And the moon grows very white and people sad and sleepless. 
A Zhao harp has just been laid mute on its phoenix holder, 
And a Shu lute begins to sound its mandarin-duck strings.... 
Since nobody can bear to you the burden of my song, 
Would that it might follow the spring wind to Yanran Mountain. 
I think of you far away, beyond the blue sky, 
And my eyes that once were sparkling 
Are now a well of tears. 
- Li Bai

Another character I have written very little about... but already she fascinates me. I'm not sure how far her story will step in the direction of fantasy... right now it's walking the what-if line. 

What if, as the Chinese legends seem to hint, dragons were almost commonplace before the flood? What if they were trainable... used as ancient vehicles of war? 
What if, taking Genesis 1 a step further, the stars not only were for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years, what if they told the history of the human  race? What if every life ever lived was written on the sky? And what if the ability to read those stories was given to one nation, to one people... 
I think you'll be hearing more about this story in the future. ;)

And favorite bad characters...
This should be easier than it is... :P

are you sick of her yet? :P  :)

1) Razavia Faith Through Flames, And It Was Love, Hope Sprang Up 

*cough* Okay, that was easy. She's the first villain I ever had whose backstory I not only knew, I had to write. :P 

2) Ben-Kiral The Jeweled Dagger

Heh, he actually could also have gone in the first part of this post. :) But of all my heroes, he starts out the most villainous. Jaden Beorn, for all his troubles, was still at least someone trying to live the life of a believer... Ben-Kiral... well, he is, I guess, very much a product of his times - and he has no problem kidnapping girls, knocking them out, or selling them as slaves. He's a Syrian raider! And he's got a bad temper. :P But for all that, there was something I liked about him... still not entirely sure what. LOL

3) Queen Christina Augusta Cecilia Tam Lyn

XD I don't know if her name will stay that way... but she is the Queen Mother, a widow of royal blood who married a king, then killed him - and his son. Not for herself, but for her own son, who will take the throne so soon as she arranges his marriage - to the previous prince's young widow. But the true heir is about to be born... and so she must kill the previous prince's child, so soon as it takes its first breath, if her son's future is to be assured. 
Sometimes I can see why Tam hates her so. :P

*cough* He doesn't wear a suit, obviously...
but that's his face, for sure. :D

4.) Raiden Rokuro StarDusk 

And the 6th son of the House Takahashi... Not necessarily cruel, but he is a rather careless, unthinking, entitled brat. His people have ruled the land of the Dragon Riders for much longer than he's been around - this is the way things are and have been. If his older brother beats his slaves without saying something to him, he's annoyed because they're his slaves, not because they've been beaten or even that they've been beaten unjustly. 
Still, I have high hopes for the boy... we'll see what happens when he volunteers to go with a minstrel and star-reader, hauling his manservant with him... :)

*cough* In case you can't tell, I have a hard time with villains... the ones I don't really care about... I don't really care about. The ones I do care about who don't reform... *cries* The ones who DO reform, well, let's just say that the number of people who start out villains and then turn into the MC's - and eventually heroes - in my books is definitely growing. :) Sometimes it's much more interesting to write about how one gets to where they should be, rather than starting out there. The angels in heaven agree with me on that one. XD

Anyway... and now to tag. :) 
I don't know if you've already been tagged with this... but I tag

And anyone else who wants to do it - consider yourself tagged. XD

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Vicki said...

Oh cool, another tag!

In repayment, I've tagged YOU again too ... with a Christmas tag!


Katherine Sophia said...

XD Thank you!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

JADEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how he wasn't even supposed to be in the story at first. :D YES!!!! Watching him learn the true meaning of love is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

TARIAN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! (I dare not say more for fear of giving away the story. :D)

Very curious about Sophie.... Can't wait to hear more about her.

Star Dusk- This is another one of your stories I am very eager to hear more about. I love the title, the fact that it has dragons in it (dragons are terrific) I've loved every snippet I've read of it. OH GOSH!!!! Your What ifs- this story is going to be EPIC. :D CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

Razavia- why does this choice not surprise me.... :)

Ben-Kiral- haven't heard much about him yet, but I enjoyed what I did read. (I'm thinking of the snippet when he tells Kefira to go ahead and stab him when he is washing up.)

This queen makes me shudder.

Ooooh, another character from Star Dusk!! Hmm, sounds very intriguing!

So far, I'm afraid I have several villains I like having be completely evil- and die that way. (There is probably something wrong with me mentally. :D) But, I'm beginning to have some villains who have very complicated backstories and who I feel sorry for. At least two of them refuse to reform though. ):

Again, this was GREAT to read!!

Katherine Sophia said...

haha...Villains and I always have a complicated relationship. XD I get way too emotionally involved in their stories (and see their points of view far too well) and I can't stand for them to die...meanwhile, I seem to have begun killing off good characters with dreadful ease. :P Talk about something mentally wrong... LOL XD I do have a few who refuse to reform... (Pretty sure Casimir Re is a villain I was GLAD to see die...though he's awful enough I found myself wishing he didn't get off so easy. :P I wish it would have happened earlier, too.)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D


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