Sunday, November 11, 2012

War = Fun ???

via google - see? I totally called it XD
I've seen Facing the Giants. The Blind Side. Radio. Mayyybe a couple other less memorable football movies... But as far as useful information, I know nothing about football. Nothing at all. 

So when I went to the homecoming football game for the first time, I had no idea of what to expect. Well, except that I was kind of excited to finally see the band play - I can hear them practicing allllll the time at my house, and that gets old after a while. :D Anyway, I figured I should do something college-y at some point (XD), and since we had friends coming up and my school was playing my hometown's school... I went to a football game. 

Know what stuck out to me? All those guys charging headlong into each other trying to reach the opposite goal... three guys on the loosing team being pretty much carried off the field... the audience screaming insults at the other team...
It was like a war going on.

With that thought fresh in my mind, having just watched the casualties being helped up from where they had fallen (or been smashed; it was pretty violent), I was  not terribly surprised when the marching band came out with... drums, horns, and flag-waving standard bearers. Also, a majorette. Maybe I've seen too many sword fights (is that even possible?), but I kid you not, I recognized sword fighting moves in her baton twirling. It was kind of awesome.

But then I started wondering.. why is this so ingrained in humanity? Why must we fight over a silly leather ball and twirl a baton like a sword and march around to drums when we're not actually fighting? You'd think people would be glad they're not forced to fight in a war, not invent ways to hurt themselves in playing at it... Do we really love violence that much? Why is this something common to all cultures and countries? Why... yeah, I was totally over-thinking it. ;) 

Then as we were leaving, it hit me. We were standing on the sidewalk when the loosing team came by. Despite having 3 teammates down and a score of 30-0, they were all smiling and cheerful. Maybe laughing to cover their feelings (I guess I can't quite see them crying over it...) but it made me think of something else.  

Of course fighting is ingrained in humanity. There is a war going on. An invisible spiritual war where the casualties are far worse than I even want to imagine. The fight between good and evil has been raging since before the first dawn, and even those of us who refuse to believe that still bear witness to it. 

Drawing on that analogy, despite the war, we can still smile. No matter how many battles we lose, the war is already won. Even when it seems like we just got creamed (30:0 kind of hurts... Elections can be painful... etc. etc.), we can still joy in the Lord, because eventually goodness will triumph and right will win. Which was a reminder I think I needed then, and I found it kind of funny that I got it at a football game. :) 

And yeah, that's the kind of random things that run through my mind when I'm at sports events... my sister read this goes This is what you were thinking while we were standing there??? XD 
I still don't know anything about football. 

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Jessica said...

I LOVE THIS!!! SOOO GOOD AND COOL AND AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing this was beautiful!!!!


Vicki said...

Okay, that is pretty amazing, to be able to think that philosophically during a football game! I'm impressed! ;-) But you're right, and it's always good to get that wake-up call that says "hey, don't forget there's a war going on ..."

Not to be random and off-topic, but how did you get your pointer to change to that adorable butterfly?? :-O

It's good to hear from you, my friend!



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