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The Character Ilmatara

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I loved Jenny's brilliant way of looking at countries, and then Anne-girl had the perfectly fun idea to do a Beautiful People link-up using a country... And Ilmatara stepped forward. :) 

Ilmatara appears mainly in And It Was Love, is mentioned in Hope Sprang Up, and is at the very least mentioned again in Faith Through Flames, which I have not yet written. 
I hope you enjoy! :D

What is their biggest accomplishment?
As a country whose beginnings are kind of lost in the ancient mists of times, she's got quite a list... I think it would probably depend on who you asked. When the country was pagan, I think the first queen who united Ilmatara as one was probably almost worshiped... Now, I think, Tarian's work is probably Ilmatara's greatest accomplishment - managing to cut through the unshakable traditions that surrounded religion in Ilmatara and set Truth in its place.

What is one of their strongest childhood memories?
Oh, so many stories I know are there... the one I have been told all Ilmataran children know by heart is The Legend of Ariae Who Loved - the legend behind the shooting star.

What is their favorite food?
Probably... something like sherbet - cool, refreshing, expensive (at least for her it would be...), and delicious. Actually, I'm pretty sure chocolate would be the national food, if she had such a thing... (Come on, the place is ruled by women. What else would it be?? LOL)

Do they believe in love at first sight?
Of course! XD The queens are the absolute rulers... and one of their privileges is to choose whoever they will to marry. Of course they would not deny their subjects that same privilege, and while I am sure there are some citizens a bit more prosaic, most of them love poetry and song, and nothing so much as a good romance. With lots of love at first sight. XD

What kind of home do they live in?
It is a warmish land, though snow comes sometimes, lightly... The palaces are huge and beautiful and filled with pillars and statutes and all that... the homes of the peasants are cute and cozy... the older it looks, of course, the better.

What do they like to wear?

Anything beautiful... 

and rich... 

and colorful...

 though peasants have it a bit harder.

What would they do if they discovered they were dying?
Fight. Much as she prefers candles and dances and feasts and services, she would not hesitate to fight any who should try to attack her from without. Decay from within seems a much more likely cause of death... but so long as there are within her those like Tarian, willing to fight that as well, she will be fine. :)

What kind of holidays, or traditions do they celebrate?
Oh, so many... I know she has a version of Christmas (in the Spring) and of Easter as well (not sure if that is also in the spring or not...). There is always a princess's ball before one's marriage... and the marriage of a queen is certainly filled with tradition (the vows must be spoken before 500 people as the sun sets, etc.), though funerals are much more simple. Because of the whole religious upheaval, I think she is sorting through some of their once-thought-unchangeable holidays... what she will end up with I am not yet sure.

What do your other characters have to say about them?
Hmm... as in other countries? :)
Eyvindr finds her wretchedly unchivalrous - what kind of a country would send women out as ambassadors or force a woman to deal with all the pressures of being sole ruler?
Taurhassdorien feels a bit abandoned by her (Ilmatara's ambassadors left Brynhaven, who then promptly took over Taurhassdorien), and I think finds her just a bit high-and-mighty - the whole ancient and stately deal, with all her tradition...
Brynhaven wants her, rather badly - land-locked by mountains though Ilmatara may be, it has not slowed down her industry or her growth, and the finely-tempered steel of which her weapons are made is apparently something to kill for.
Vastaavatkarhu finds her preposterous - how could a woman ever think to try ruling a country? - and is quite willing to join with Brynhaven in attacking.
Ellasar, before being taken over by Brynhaven, was quite willing to be friends - now strangled by Brynhaven, I don't believe Ellasar thinks of Ilmatara at all, except in a rather distant and jealously-hateful-of-the-fact-that-Ilmatara-is-still-holding-out-against-Brynhaven way.

If they could change one thing in their world, what would it be?
Right now? Beat back those attacking her, stop the royal family from dying, make everything happy again, and probably just go back to being beautiful and traditional. She's been quite content over the past few centuries... though maybe it's time to at least start sending out ambassadors again, and not stay quite so peacefully at home while the rest of the world destroys itself...  
This is actually an awesomely Ilmataran gif... go see

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Jessica said...

Sooo sooooo Ilimitara! I love the way you describe everything! :D I think the rest of my counties are jealous because I let Beltara choose the questions. But I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT ILIMITARA!!!!!!! When can we visit?

<3 U


Anne-girl said...

Wow cool! I'm so glad other people liked this idea! Jenny's brilliant isn't she?

I've never tried a country ruled by only women before interesting twist! Now I wish I'd thought it up!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

ILMATARA!!! My favorite so far, of all your countries.

The Legend of Ariae Who Loved– I adore this legend!!

Chocolate the national food! LOL!

I love the pictures of the palaces!! That kind of architecture is stunning!!

Oooh, the costumes.... I'm in costume heaven! :) The first dress is also what the royal costume is modeled on in one of the countries in my land of Quivira. Except that the colors are different.

I like the queens' wedding tradition!

Katherine Sophia said...

Haha, Jessica... I wonder what questions Falway would have chosen? :) Glad you found it Ilmataran... I always wonder if I captured it right. XD
LOL, and isn't it the most fun country? I would so happily visit there... And thank you for loving Ilmatara, even when I was cross with everything about the place. XD

It was a great idea, Anne-girl! :D And thank you! One character's back-story turned into a gigantic world-building adventure... and I ended up with Ilmatara. :D

Thank you Miss Melody! XD I am thrilled to pieces that you are enjoying AIWL! :D And it is always cool to see what characters are wearing... you should do a fashion post for your countries sometime! :)


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