Friday, October 5, 2012

In place of an author interview this week...

eeeek... okay, that's a bit scary... O.o But evil should be shown as evil, and that looks... evil.


An Ancient Evil 

Long ago, Etanun buried his sword in the depths of the Netherworld then vanished from all known history. One day, it is said, his heir will find the sword, and the Dragonwitch, firstborn of the Dragon King, will be finally slain. 

A Desperate Hope 

These stories are no more than nursery rhymes. In a world of cold reality, what room is left for fairy tales? Lady Leta of Aiven is pledged to marry a man she does not love . . . sleepless Lord Alistair struggles to unite the stubborn earls of the North Country . . . Mouse is lost, far from home, slaving as a kitchen drudge . . .  

. . . and the reclusive Chronicler, keeping the records of Gaheris Castle, bears a secret so dangerous it could cost him his life and plunge the North Country into civil war.

An Impossible Journey 

But when nursery rhymes begin to come horribly true, will these unlikely heroes find the strength they need to fulfill a prophecy of fire? For the Dragonwitch lives. And she has vowed vengeance on all who have wronged her.


Coming Summer 2013
Tales of Goldstone Wood
Timeless Fantasy that will keep you Spellbound!

4 thoughts shared:

Miss Melody Muffin said...

WOW!!!!! You're right it does look evil but it also makes me want to read it!! Love the summary!

Katherine Sophia said...

I know! Somebody's good at writing back covers... I was just thinking I should take lessons. :)

Jessica said...

Is it bad when you look at a cover and start picking it apart wondering what kind of photos they used to inspire them.. *mentally picking out stock photos to recreate such a cover*

I need help.


Katherine Sophia said...

LOL... I think it means you're an artist... :D and I love looking at your covers... not sure that helps... ;)


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