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Love and Writing, Part III

And the one I called my favorite… 

sibling relationships! 

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A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.
But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.

Much more fun than parent relationships. ;) It can be hard to write sibling relationships as well, but I find it nigh impossible to kill siblings off. Parents may die in my stories with impunity… siblings… nuh-uh. Why that is, I'm not sure. :P

Anyway, here are a few of the siblings in my stories. :) 

Pyrros (Faith through Flames) has a brother that appeared out of nowhere, and where this relationship goes I truly do not know. :P

     Just then a broad shouldered, dark haired young man came around the corner, and Pyrrhos turned towards him, glowering, as he let go of his mother’s hands. Now he knew where her rare grey mood had come from. She reached out, laying her hand upon his arm as he turned.
     “Lay off the scowl, fionn. You’ll get permanently stuck that way,” the newcomer laughed easily.
    His mother’s hand tightened briefly on his arm, and Pyrrhos swallowed, obeying the gentle command. Hard though it was, his voice was civil enough when he spoke. 
    “What are you doing here, Bryon?”
    “What, is it so out of the ordinary for me to come visit my family?”
    “Considering that you haven’t been here since Father left nine months ago, yes.”

Will Arrington… (Will Arrington, Some Trust in Chariots) doesn't have any siblings. But unlike my other characters who have no siblings, he did not keep gracefully silent. No… he insisted I show what it would have been like if he COULD have had siblings, by posting this snippet for him. He does want me to add that he wouldn't normally kiss the little ones, except that he was teasing the older one, who definitely was NOT like a sibling to him… *rolls eyes* *sigh* He is a case - but I promise you, he does get better eventually. It's just that he starts out a pretty rascal. :P)

     Will glanced backwards, ensuring that the man was gone, then pulled Jenny around off his shoulders, throwing her up into the air. She screamed, laughing as he caught her and whirled her around. 
     “That’s my girl…” Will set her down with a kiss, quickly turning to Mary. “And you’re a bit big for a ride, but I can twirl you if you want.”
     She nodded, her eyes wide, though they grew yet wider as he spun her around and around, holding onto her wrists tightly as she too shrieked with mock fear. At last he stopped, staggering slightly as he brought her back down to the ground. She was too dizzy to stand, and he laughed breathlessly as he regained his own balance, suddenly tossing her up into the air as he had Jenny. 
    Putting her down, he caught Le-Le’s eyes and, looking at her, bent and kissed Mary’s forehead as well. 
    “And now…” He stepped towards Le-Le, and she ducked away from him, elbowing him in the stomach as she did so. He barely felt it, but he bent double, gasping with pain. 
     Instantly she whirled back. “Will! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to actually hit you!” 
     He straightened with a grin and she whacked him on the head with his jacket, dropping it on the ground and turning towards their street. 

Kefira (The Jeweled Dagger) is probably the worst sibling I've written… but oh, does she pay for it… :(

     “Who’s ready to jump in?” Kefira asked, forcing cheerfulness into her voice.       
     Four doubtful faces turned toward her, though Abi started toddling towards the sound of the cool water. Kefira caught her arm quickly, glancing between the others. 
     Now that they were actually there, no one wanted to be first, and Kefira’s shoulders slumped in annoyance. “Come on. Mother put me in charge of you. She hasn’t been out here since morning – she doesn’t know how hot it has become. Let’s swim. It’s going to be fine.”
     “But I heard her say–”
     “Jonathan! It’s not like you’re going to drown.” There was sarcasm dripping from her words, and, stung, Jonathan took a running start to leap off the bank into the river. 

Though, okay, Jamie, Derek, Blair, and Tristan (Sons of Bretton Meyrick) have major issues too. But oh, they are fun to write… XD 

     “You’re late,” he said, and Jaime jerked his arm away. 
     “And you’re not paying attention.” Tristan put his left hand on his hip, the other hanging easily, warningly, at his side. “I could have been anybody just now – you didn’t even see me coming.”
     “Newsflash: I’m not dead yet.” Jaime’s eyes went again to Tristan’s right side, though he knew his brother’s brown leather jacket concealed all it was meant to conceal. “Please don’t tell me you’re packing in the library. That’s illegal.” 
     “Tell me something I don’t know. Now shut up and get over there.” Tristan pointed to the couch, and Jaime stalked that direction, throwing himself into the nearest upholstered chair. 
     The thing creaked when he landed on it, and he crossed his arms across his chest, glaring in Tristan’s general direction as Tristan walked past the chairs to lean against the nearest bookshelf, facing the door. 
     “Okay, Blair, now that we’re all here, want to tell us what this is about?”
Tristan’s voice was low, but Blair glanced up instantly, his eyes going straight to Jaime, and then back to Tristan, reading the tension in the air like a book. 
     “Oh, give the kid a break. He’s only sixteen.”
    “Yeah, well, if I was late when I was sixteen, he wouldn’t have gotten supper, so don’t give me that.”

Josie and Caleb Adair (Some Trust in Chariots) - These two started my Western Series in an 11-page short story that was utterly ridiculous. They've moved on though, becoming best friends and even Irish Twins - Josie was born early, and they are very close to 9 months apart. Random parts of their relationship are definitely based off my relationship with my siblings, and I have had a lot of fun with them. :) And I'm giving them two snippets... unfortunately both where Caleb is being a tease. *shrug* And of course Will has to make an appearance... ;)

     Caleb rolled his eyes at Tom. “Glad I haven’t met a girl I’d fight a duel over yet.” 
     Tom frowned at him, still not quite over his shock at Western impropriety. “Surely you’d fight for your sister?”
     “Her?” Caleb looked at Josie. “Nah. Anybody who can manage to tangle up four men’s lives, dragging them two states away from home for a month, doesn’t need me to fight for her.”
     The others laughed, and Will gave him a sarcastic smile. “And you weren’t flying after her like a crazy loon before anybody else even knew what was going on.”
    “’Night, Caleb.”
    He glanced up from the leather chair where he was sprawled, glancing through a book that had been set beside it. “’Night, Josie. Hope Jamie-girl doesn’t cry tonight.”
     “Thanks. You could get up and help out if she does, you know.”
     “Girl’s work.”

Jaden and his "blood-sister," Bernadette (And it was Love) - another relationship that came out of absolutely nowhere. Bernadette (I might change her name, so soon as I find another girl name that means 'bear' XD) is one of my favorite characters in this story, even though she only appears shortly. I'm thinking I might give her a tiny short story of her own, just so I know what happens to her. :D

     “That means I can speak too, right?” 
     River glanced over, seeing a blanket now pushed aside from one of the walls, revealing a room beyond. A young woman was standing in the doorway, a baby on her hip, and the smile on her face every bit as saucy as her voice. 
     “’Lo, Bernadett.” There was sudden laughter in Jayde’s voice, and River looked at him, surprised to see the gladness on his face.
     “Hullo, Jayde,” she said, coming towards them with a laugh. The baby she held laughed with her, his round face alight with glee. She swung him around as she reached them, and then placed in the older man’s arms. 
     “Take the baby,” she laughed, then caught Jayde’s hand, swinging him around with her. “It’s so good to see you again!” she cried, and he nodded, twisting his hand suddenly and setting her spinning her around before him. 

Tyrielle's (River's) relationship with her brother Tarian (And it was Love), was definitely based off me and my older brother, right down to the number of years between us. I had plenty of material from my baby days, when I worshiped my big brother as the most amazing person ever, to draw upon, so this was absolutely enjoyable to write. And I have to say that Tarian Storm, Prince of Ilmatara, is hands down one of my favorite characters I have ever written. 

     The familiar click of the latch sent a sudden hope racing through her, but she did not turn. It might be a servant; it might be anyone. It did not have to be-
     She spun around with a squeal of joy, launching herself across the room and into his arms. “You’re back!” 
     Her brother staggered backwards, laughing. “Happy to see me, eh?” 
     He spun her around in a circle and set her on the table. “What’s up?”
     She shrugged, looking down at her hands, and then back up at him. “I’ve just missed you.”
    “Well, I guess so. But I wasn’t gone that long…”
     “Two months! And Darû was gone, too, with Temira.”
     “Ah… but things couldn’t have been that bad?”
     “No, they weren’t bad – but Mother is so busy… and with both of you gone…”
     “I know. It’s lonely, isn’t it? I wish I could take you with me.”
    “Oh, don’t be silly! Who ever heard of an Ilmataran princess going off with her brother?”
     He lifted one shoulder and dropped it, smiling. “There’s always a first time.”

:) I do have other sibling sets, but these I think are the biggest... I have noticed that siblings can be almost as difficult to include as parents. :P Unless the story is about the siblings (as And it was Love was originally meant to be and as Sons of Bretton Meyrick definitely is), I find they tend to spend most of the story apart. (As do Josie and Caleb - though I like them together best - Kefira and all her siblings, and I'm pretty sure Pyrrhos and his brother as well.) 

Despite that, I have a hard time writing only children. Generally my characters have at least one sibling or half-sibling (poor Will... actually Tam is an only child as well. Weird.), though the sibling may have died before the story takes place. (I seem to be able to kill them off that way fairly easily. :P)

What is the greatest number of siblings you've ever written? How great a role do your sibling relationships play in your stories? How much do your own siblings influence your stories? :) 

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

Oh, yay, the siblings post!!!!!! *Settles in to read it.*

I have a dreadfully hard time killing off siblings, too!!

Pyrrhos and his brother... ooh interesting!

Aww, Will is too sweet!

Naughty Kefira! But I like her, and the snippet! :)

I definitely want to hear more of The Sons of Bretton Mayrick. These guys are great fun to read!!

Caleb is terrific!! 'Anybody who can manage to tangle up four men's lives, dragging them two states away from home for a month doesn't need me to fight for her.' I loved this line!! And Will's retort!

Jaden has a sister? Something tells me she plays an important part in the story, even if it is a minor one....

Tarian is one of my favorites!! (Ok, everyone from AIWL is) :) I love what I've seen of him so far!

I've never written an only child. Yet. All of my characters have at least one sibling, either blood kin or adopted. Most of my characters come from big families (six or more children). (Hmm, the fact that I come from a big family probably has nothing to do with this.) :) I'm the second of 12 children and my siblings have influenced my writing more than they will ever know. Writing sibling relationships comes fairly easily to me thanks to all of them. The most siblings I've ever written is 16, I think. It is a story about a Confederate family in the American Civil War. I'm actually sort of co-writing it with my younger siblings. Everyone has a few characters they write journals and letters for and I'm the main choreographer for it all. :) It has been on hiatus for quite awhile. I'll have to post about it sometime. Quara is second place for most siblings with 14 children, and it is heavily based on my family.

Siblings are just so much fun to write!! Even when they have fights, or don't get along at all, or etc.

Great post, Katherine!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks for commenting, Melody; I always enjoy your comments! :)

Yes, Jaden somehow ended up with a sister... I was surprised, but yeah, I'm pretty sure she had a lot to do with who he grew up to be. :)

And Yay, you like Tarian... XD AIWL has got almost 135,000 words so far... I really wanted to finish it this month, but somehow I always have a hard time writing when I'm on break. lol I can only write when I have studying to do... :P But hopefully I'll have some snippets for Sep. from it... :)

Wow, 16 and 14 siblings! :D That is cool - so many stories (unfortunately my own as well) seem to include only small families... That is such a great idea to write a story like that with your siblings! :D I love it! You definitely have to post something about it. :)

They are! Yeah, my Sons of Bretton Meyrick is totally fun, even though there's a lot of stuff going on between them... The brothers seem to get along in pairs, though, so they're not all mad at each other. :) LOL it's actually strangely similar to Little Women now that I think about it... (Ha, my characters will love that comparison... XD) The arrangement is different though - the oldest gets along with the 3rd and the 2nd-born gets along with the youngest... and the 2nd and 3rd get along mostly... but yeah, I like writing even their fight scenes. :)


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