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Beautiful People - June Edition

This month is the freewrite version of BP, where we can choose our own questions! One of my characters kindly offered to interview another of my characters, so without further ado, let us begin! I'm not sure where this will go, but feel free to ask questions if you like! :)
Will Arrington

First let me introduce the interviewer: William Arrington, an orphan, card shark, and eventual sky pilot (or preacher boy. or gospel shark. or pastor. or even minister, though he doesn't quite think that sounds like him.)

Hi, Will. So, who do you want to interview today?

Hi yourself. Well... I kind of want to ask all your characters questions. 

Um... no. The idea is kind of to get to know one particular character better. Just pick one. And please hurry up.

In a hurry today, are we? Well, that takes the fun right out of it... *he makes a face*

Please, Will... 

Okay... then... I choose Tam Lyn. 
Lord Brayden Roxbury, aka Tam Lyn

Tam Lyn, a knight and a lord, raised alongside the prince after his father died saving the king's life - now at the heart of a secret rebellion... into which he has dragged a vicar's daughter whose help he needed. O.o This is going to be interesting... But here comes Tam - All right then, take it away, Will.

Will: *leans against a conveniently placed stone wall and crosses his arms* (1) So, what's your real name?

Tam: *riding up the road past Will, he looks up startled, then realizes what's going on with a somewhat annoyed expression on his face. he halts his horse* It's interview day, hmm? *sigh* I am Lord Brayden Roxbury. 

Will: Hmm. Okay, Brayden - (2) what do people call you for a nickname, anyway? Bray? Brayde? That sounds... very strange.

Tam: I am called Lord Roxbury by those who do not know me. Such as yourself. *he looks down his nose at Will* My friends call me simply Roxbury. 

Will: Huh. Well, at the moment I'm not sure I would ever want to be your friend, and I'm not in the mood to call anyone a Lord. Especially... (3) Okay, what's with the putting girls in danger?

Tam: *looks completely surprised* What? Oh, you're talking about Jennie. Wait, how did you...

Will: Never mind. Leave it at that I know her and I want to know why on earth you would drag her into that insane mess of a castle and risk her life and her honor in such careless fashion!

Tam: *shrugs* I needed her. Little as I have ever needed a woman's help, there was nothing else for it this time, and so... she was perfectly willing. 

Will: (4) Do you think she even realized what she was getting into? (5) And what did that comment mean, 'Little as I have ever needed a woman's help'? 

Tam: Ha. I'm sure Jennie will be pleased to hear you did not think her capable of comprehending my quite clear explanation of the dangers that would attend her acceptance of my offer. 

Will: Yes, your offer. "Save the country or murder a child" - some offer! What on earth else COULD she say to that, but yes? It's not that I don't think she could comprehend your explanation; I'm just not sure you were capable of giving one! You completely manipulated her into helping you! And they call this the age of chivalry. *he glances around in disgust*  

Tam: I'm not going to say I didn't. But the fate of my entire country was at stake - it wasn't like I had a whole lot of options at that point. In answer to your second question... I would have refused to take a woman's help if there had been any other option. Suffice it to say that the queen mother is a murdering, conniving wretch and my own mother is a traitor. The both of them are trying to kill my king. 

Will: Ouch... and now you see why I'm thankful I never knew who my own parents were... 

Tam: Not really. Next question? *he reins back his horse, who is impatiently stamping its feet*

Will: (6) What do you think of Val?

Tam: Val? As in the future Lord Sunderland? Who's head over heals for Jennie? He's annoying. But very useful. 

Will: *looks at Tam closely* You hate him completely.

Tam: That too. 

Will: (7) Why? Because you feel guilty over the way you and Jennie have destroyed his life?

Tam: We haven't destroyed his life! As soon as everything is back to normal I am going to go find the boy and -

Will: The boy? (8) Isn't he the same age as you?

Tam: He's... from the country. 

Will: And therefore an innocent to court intrigue. Please continue with what you were saying.

Tam: I was just going to say that I'm going to explain everything to him, that Jennie has done nothing wrong, that she has saved our king, and that she actually truly loves him. 

Will: (9) Does she? 

Tam: *glowers at Will* Ask her.

Will: Well, you can't very well tell him she loves him if she doesn't. Can you?

Tam: Is that a question? I only have to answer one more.  

Will: Really? Are you sure? But I haven't even gotten to my list of questions yet! 

Tam: I'm only answering one. 

Will: *frowns* Fine... I'll just pick one from my list then. (10) Who are your heroes?

Tam: My heroes... My father. And the king whose life he sacrificed his own to save. You could even say the prince, who was closer than a brother could be. They are the reason I am doing all this - they died for this country and I can do no less. No witch from the east is going to destroy what they gave their lives for if I can stop her... and I will stop her. 

Will: *looks at Tam thoughtfully* I sincerely hope you can convince your author to give you your own POV. Otherwise I'm afraid you will come across as quite unlikable. 

Tam: *grimaces* Thank you. Good day. *he kicks his horse into a gallop*

Will: Yes, enjoy your afternoon. *he waits until Tam disappears over the next hill* Well, that was revealing!

me: How so? I thought he came across as kind of a jerk.

Will: *looks puzzled* But didn't you look at his face?

me: He looked mostly bored. Sometimes annoyed. I didn't see a whole lot else...

Will: *a pained expression crosses his face* Will you ever learn to read faces? Ever? It's obvious he was deeply wounded by his mother's support of the new queen... if his father was his hero, he worshiped his mother - and then when the new queen took power and his mother completely switched sides... it destroyed something in him. 
But I think Jennie's helping him with much more than simply caring for the baby king - she's pretty much single-handedly restoring his faith in women. And it's obvious that somewhere along the way he's fallen completely in love with her.

me: *gasp* What?

Will: *facepalm* Why do you think he hates Val? After how he has completely used Val to protect the king, he cannot go and steal the girl he loves from him too. If none of this had happened, he would set to work to win Jennie's hand like a gentleman and expect Val to give her up in the same fashion. But now... he cannot in fairness destroy the one a man loves before his eyes and then make her his own. He just can't.   

me: I resent the fact that you're intimating Jennie has no choice in the matter. Besides the fact that you've successfully made this sound like a flat-out romance novel! Thanks a lot! And you do realize you're completely messing with my plot, don't you?

Will: *grins* You can bet on it. *clears his throat* Or don't. I keep forgetting pastors aren't supposed to gamble. Anyway. Of course Jennie has a choice in the matter - but if Tam refuses to say how he feels... well, that kind of limits her choices, doesn't it? I'm sure they'll figure it out though...
So, when are you going to work on my story again?

me: umm... I think I'm going to go get a piece of Tam's story to share. Thanks for doing the interview, Will!

Will: *rolls his eyes* You're quite welcome, I'm sure. I'm not giving up, you know. You are going to write my story.

me: Someday... :S

*excerpt from Tam's story... from Jennie's POV - the queen is suspicious of Jennie, though not yet of Tam... and he's been ordered to learn if Jennie is truly a spy*

I could feel the chill of the dungeon creeping into my very soul, and could not keep from shivering.
Tam glanced at me, giving me a slight smile. “Hey. Chin up. At least I’m not wearing that unsuitable red right now. Wouldn’t you say black suits me better?”
I closed my eyes. “I was so afraid before I knew for sure it was you. I thought I was going to die.”
“Haven’t ruled that out yet,” he said cheerfully, rising to his feet. “Can you guess what my orders are?”
I groaned aloud, hiding my face in my hands. “I don’t want to.”
His voice was suddenly gentle, and it surprised me. “I don’t blame you. But I’ve been told you are to be whipped to within an inch of your life this afternoon, either until I don’t think you can handle any more, or until you agree to come before her majesticness, and tell her all that you know.”
I could feel the blood draining from my face and slowly I pulled my hands away. Tam was now pacing in front of the bars, and I could feel my stomach already tangling into a knot. In his hand was a short whip, and he was unthinkingly swishing it back and forth, giving it a snap every so often.
Forcing my voice to be steady, I tried to see his face in the dim light. “How much do you think I can handle?”
He shrugged. “That’s what I’m trying to decide… I know you can scream, but that’s not going to be enough.”

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Anne-girl said...

Ooh I;'m liking this Will guy. And Tam for that matter.

Katherine Sophia said...

:) Will is one of my favorite characters. (Pretty sure he knows it, too! lol) Tam is definitely interesting... I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Jessica said...

*squeal* I know Tam's NAME now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a Brayden!!!!! *giggle* *cries ache and dies for Tam because I love him* He is epic even if he pretends to be a jerk....but *sigh* I can't help but love him and I KNEW he'd be like that...Oh Tam!!! Tam!!!!! TAM!!!!!! *cries* Do tell will he was a darling to do this interview for you. *sigh

THANK YOU FOR YOUR EPICNESS!!!!! Now I want to do this on my blog! *giggle* the thing is who should interview who????

Katherine Sophia said...

LOL Isn't he though, Jessica? That was quite clear... though we went back and forth on Roxbury vs Roxborough for a while... :P *sigh* I have allll these characters who are complete jerks - Ben Kiral, Jayde, Tam, Tristan - and only I know why I love them, since for some reason they're always in jerk-mode when I let them talk on my blog. :P

LOL Will I think has always been too sweet and gentlemanly to be quite a jerk, even when he got in teasing mode...

And you DEFINITELY should! I am looking forward to it! ;D

Cait said...

WOW! I completely enjoyed myself reading this interview. It isn't the "norm" -- instead it's like reading a bit of a novel! Love that. And I'm already intensely interested in your characters and their story (especially that chilling excerpt at the end). You are writing quite a novel, eh!?! Definately sounds like the kind of book I'd LOVE to read. :D

from notebooksisters.blogspot.com

(I'm stopping over from the BP link up.)

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cait! This interview was definitely fun to do... I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) The story is a long way from finished... but hopefully I'll be able to include more excerpts on here later!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I'm finally catching up an all kinds of blog posts I haven't had time to do more than skim this past six weeks!

This was so much fun to read!!!!!! Definitely love Tam! And Will's great! But, now I'm feeling incredibly curious about Val and Jennie. Especially after Will's talk with you at the end! :)

Ooohh, that snippet at the end!! So tantalizing, Katherine!

Katherine Sophia said...

:D Thank you so much for commenting! I am thrilled that you are liking both Tam and Will... and delighted that you found that snippet tantalizing. XD Hopefully more will be forthcoming later... :)


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