Monday, May 21, 2012

May Snippets

Okay, I seldom dare to do this... but I have such fun reading others' snippets, I thought I might as well join in and share a few! :D 

The shrieking scream of a blaring alarm rent the still morning air, and Jaime Meyrick gave a wild jerk. The clock tumbled off his pillow, and the next instant went sailing across the room to smash into the opposite wall. He dropped his head back down onto the bed with a groan. 

- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“Mother-mine!” The words seemed to stick in his throat, and he stopped where he stood, swallowing hard as she curtsied low before him, not raising her head. 

“Don’t…” he half-whispered, his voice dying away as she still did not speak. 

There was a moment of silence, and then she curtsied again, bringing clasped hands to her forehead. She could have less painfully thrust a dagger between his ribs. 

“You have permission to speak.” He forced the words through frozen lips, feeling a numbness slowly spreading through him. 

- And It Was Love

“I have no use nor liking for priests and prophets, seers and sages… and for those calling themselves the Brethren I have undying hatred. But one of them like you I think I could find a use for. Tell me, will you bring your… cross…. to my service?” 

He spat, the fury of his mind and the bitter hatred within his heart blazing through him. Whether he served the One who died upon that cross or not, his father had, and that One was not to be mocked by such as she. 

“That cross is not mine, and was never meant to be sold. Any more than my soul. Neither one will you get from me.”

- Faith Through Flames ~To Burn a Land 

“Same deal. Never borrow money unless you’re dying, and especially not then,” Tristan said, then looked back down at the paper lying beside his water glass. 

“Three murders and a kidnapping this week. And Benson High is holding a dance for a fundraiser. Really? Jaime, you are not going to that.” 

Jaime shoved back his chair. “Everybody else is going to be there… and if I don’t take somebody, chem is going to really be a pain – most of the class is girls, and they’ve been complaining ever since the idea first came up that there aren’t enough boys at school to make a dance work.” 

“Whenever everybody else is doing something, it usually means you shouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Everyone else is an idiot – stop forgetting that.” Tristan returned to his paper.

- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“And now you wish to leave, having come bringing me a daughter who would be better off dead and the body of the son who threw away his life for hers. Then go! I should forbid it... I should question you further… I should… What matters it? My country is falling and it is my hands that are red with my people’s blood. Go! Kadien will take you over the mountains.” 

The queen’s voice hardened as she spoke, but there was a brittleness to it that hinted at how near to shattering she had come.

- And It Was Love 

and random graphic I made for The Sons of Bretton Meyrick... Tristan and Jaime are on the right. :D  

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