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Beautiful People - Razivia

And now I'm doing the May edition!  Since, after all, several of you wanted to see more about my stories. ;) 

A little bit of background here... I first met Razivia as she demanded the allegiance of a prisoner who was basically bleeding to death... She was dark and beautiful and utterly evil, and her mocking laughter as she sought to destroy his hope and turn his loyalty to herself caught my attention as no other of my villains had. That story became my favorite so far (NOT because of her), but when I began to write a sort of prequel, wishing to know more about the MC's mother, I found Razivia somehow in that story as well. She was the one who had killed the MC's mother. 

Turns out the two knew each other even before that... and Razivia kept sliding her way into the story, connecting things that left me puzzled, and making the story fit together in ways that completely surprised me. 

Then I began writing the story of a minor character that had appeared in my original story - and Razivia was there too. Only this was Razivia as a child, and suddenly many things in my original story made perfect sense, becoming infinitely more painful as I realized why she was so completely evil. 

The Princess Razivia of Ellasar... as she becomes Nin Vasilissa, ruler of Ellasar, Brynhaven, Taurhassdorien, and Ilmatara...
1. What is their motive? 
Power. Hatred. Revenge. Her motives have changed over the years, but I think revenge has always played some part... as has the desire to never again be helpless and without protection before one stronger than than herself.

2. What are they prepared to do to get what they want? 
Absolutely anything. There is nothing she will not hurt, nothing she will not destroy, so long as her goals are accomplished. Perhaps she will regret it afterwards... to some degree... but probably not for long. She has lost too much for another loss to affect her greatly. 

3. Are they evil to the core, or simply misunderstood? 
I think if someone had stepped in when she was a girl... even when she was a young woman, first obtaining the power that she had dreamed of... but they did not. At this point, it's hard to simply misunderstand someone who is determined to destroy your country simply because she can...

4. What was their past like? What about their childhood? Was there one defining moment that made them embrace their evil ways?
That is what I'm writing now... and it was awful. But her defining moment was the instant she decided to do what she knew was wrong in order to save the life of someone she loved. Sooo many things would have been different had she made another choice... 

5. Now that they’re evil, have they turned their back on everyone, or is there still someone in their life that they care for? (Brother? Daughter? Love interest? Mother? Someone who is just as evil as they are?)
In some twisted way she cares about Avaenestelwen, the girl she has raised to become her sucessor. Yet she would torture her as readily as she would an enemy, if she thought it necessary. Not the kind of care I'd want... 

6. Do they like hugs?
Definitely not now. As a child, of course, everything was different... *cries*

7. Are they plagued by something? (Nightmares, terrible thoughts?) 
I am sure she had nightmares when she was younger... whether they faded as she grew older or, more likely, she found something that enabled her to sleep without dreaming, I do not know. She has a kind of fascination with poisons and medicines...

8. Who are they more similar to: Gollum or Maleficent?
I'd have to say Maleficent... 

9. If your villain could have their choice of transportation what would it be?
Her choices are generally walking or using a litter, though she rides as she does everything, with deadly efficient grace... I think she most prefers walking, because then she is dependent on nothing else but herself. 

10. If you met your villain in the street, how afraid would you be? Are they evil enough to kill their creator?
It depends what age I met her at... By the end she has killed everyone else who had a hand in making her who she is, so I would definitely be on her list of people who need to die, since after all, I am the author. *shiver*

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Jessica said...

*Scream* that is frightening... *shiver* She is one character I would not want to meet. Very well done though and very insightful and certainly M from Sleeping Beauty. Wow.

Cait said...

Hi! I'm stopping over from the BP link-up. Love you interview. This is the first evil-edition-interview I've read with a woman as the *evil* one. Way to go! This lady sounds positively chilling. You have a very nice blog.


Mime said...

Creepy villan! And a great interview, too. It's always interesting thinking about what happened in the evil person's childhood that made them like they are...

Blog hopping on the BP linkup!

~Mime of the

Katherine Sophia said...

*sigh* yeah, Jessica, she would not be the one I would choose to meet up with if I could, that's for sure... :P Heh, if you think about her being like Maleficent.. that makes Kestral like our favorite Disney prince... Hmm... :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, Cait! :) I'm glad you liked the interview! She was my first woman villain - and very different from any of the men!

And thank you for stopping by also, Mime! I always find those childhoods rather depressing... but you're right, they're definitely interesting! :) Glad you enjoye the interview. :)

Jessica said...

*giggle* *dies* Oh...Prince Phillip... *goes softly away humming under breath theme to Sleeping Beauty*

Joy said...

Hello Kathrine,

You have a lovely blog here!

This villein, Razivia, certainly chills me to the bone! I love those kinds of in-depth wicked people in the creation but they positively scare me in books. I am also writing a novel, The Crown of Life, with an evil lady but she's historical, Empress Poppaea (Nero's second wife) so she's not the stuff of my creation and she's only a background villein. Great job!

In His love,
~Joy @

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you, Joy! They are fascinating in the creation... Your story sounds interesting - I wrote a short story once about Julius Caesar's wife Calpurnia, and had a lot of fun writing it. :)


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