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Come to the countries in my mind...

I've been tagged by Jessica of Safirewriter! This is a delightfully fun tag for a writer, especially one who happens to be momentarily stuck at a very unhappy place in the story, and must write about it if the story itself refuses to let me write it! :( :P 

So, here you are. Officially meet And It Was Love, the second book in my Faith-Hope-Love trilogy. :) 

1. Who are the main characters?

Tyrielle Sen Aransadorien - River, to her family - 2nd daughter and ambassador-princess of the Ilmataran royal family - baby of the family, ambassador to the dangerous courts of Brynhaven's Casimir Re, and the best in a nation of archers.

Jaden Beorn - Jayde, to those he likes - firstborn son of Asbjorn Arthfail and so crown prince of the Arturri in the land of Vastavatkarhu, a man caught between two worlds and fighting, not only for the respect and obedience of his people, but for his very soul.

Tarian Storm, prince of Ilmatara. Always in the background, yet he made River who she is, and it is to him that she compares every man she meets, his advice that she hears in her head as she attempts to put back together the disaster that has become her existence... and his life the one that affects hers more than any other.

2. How did you get the idea for this story?

Writing another book. And watching a random video clip on youtube. Really.

Avaenestelwen's mother... and the lengths to which Nin Vasilissa went to rewrite her story... and the awe with which the woman's murderer regarded her - indeed, the fact that she completely changed his life by her death - and the difference that the truth about her made to Avaenestelwen... I wanted to know it. And then I desperately wanted to write a love story - about the love of siblings. How well I will succeed  I am not sure... Jaden Beorn wants a different story.

3. What genre is this story?

Speculative Christian Fiction... narrowed down to Historical Fantasy.

4. Describe your book in three thoughts:

Love hurts. Love never lets go. The greatest of these is Love.

5. The bit that describes an obscure piece of real life best: 

At least she was no longer shivering. Or at least, River thought crossly, brushing snow from her mittens with a frown, she would not be shivering if she could keep from tripping over her stupid snowshoes and falling into the snow. Her wrists were icy cold, and the soft fur that lined her mittens could not keep all of the melting snow packed around the edge of her mittens from dripping down her hands.

6. The funniest line said by a side-character thus far:

“No! Jaden Beorn, have you lost your royal mind?” Osbeorn’s voice was filled with both shock and frustration.
along with:
“Whatever, your Highness."  

Also Osbeorn. I love Osbeorn... :D

7. Your favourite piece of description:

gah... frighteningly hard to find a piece... :P But this perhaps is one of my favorite pictures:

"With a sudden movement she had unfastened the clasp of the heavy bear cloak, and the next instant she was on her feet, balancing easily on the branch, one hand lightly resting in the tangled twigs above her. Her dress was the color of a water bird’s wing feathers – not green and not blue, but somewhere wildly in between. She had dyed it herself; she wanted to stand out, and she knew she did, astonishingly bright against the stark white and black of the winter background."

tho ya gotta admit, he can look pretty useless sometimes...
as far as describing feelings... I love Jayde sometimes too... ;)

"Lifting her chin, she followed Berend out, and Jaden watched the door close tightly behind her. His hand was still tightly gripping the cup, and suddenly he brought his hand back, flinging the cup across the room to smash into jagged shards of pottery against the fireplace. The fire sizzled as water hit the flames and Jaden clenched his fists. Never in his life had he felt more useless."

which is not to say there is not something utterly frightening about him at times...

8. Your biggest fear in the writing of this story:

That it will end up making nada sense? LOL I want the point to come through... the story to hang together... it to be beautiful.

9. Last full sentence you wrote:

Can we go with last full sentence (*ahem* or two) that I'm pretty sure I'm keeping? :P There is currently a bit of discussion going on... :P
“Don’t be a fool.” Kadien’s voice was laced with bitterness as he turned slightly, pausing his laborious walk.

10. Favourite character thus far:

Ack... In some strange way it could be Jaden - his battle is hard, but he is fighting it as well he can...

River, of course - though despite her being the reason I wrote the story, I seem to have an awfully hard time understanding her...
this is Atheros... which is cool because River is in the same picture! ;D

Tarian Storm. He's amazing. Absolutely. <3

Atheros. (The man who taught both Jaden and Tarian sword fighting.) He's just cool. And somehow also sweet and tender and a man that, along with River's father, inspired Tarian to be the amazingness that he is.

 closest I've got to Bernadette, and her baby Bee (Thorbjorn) :)
Osbeorn. (One of Jaden's men and brother-in-law to Bernadette.) *giggle* Sheer awesomeness. And I have high hopes for him...

Bernadette. (Jaden's blood sister - she would have been his blood brother but she was a girl.) She just randomly appeared and I'm kind of expecting her to disappear... but she is such a rebel in the land of Vastaavatkarhu that I cannot help but love her.

w/out long hair or marks on his face - this is Casimir Re

Casimir Re. (Villain.) Mastermind behind every world tragedy in the past 20 years, or near enough - absolute, pure evil. Asbjorn (another villain) has the nasty problem of being Jayde's father and sometimes even loved by his wife - I hate him, but it's mixed with disgust and irritation and wanting to slam his head into a wall. Not so Casimir Re. I just want him dead. *shudder* So he's my favorite on the least favorite side. :P

Anybody guessed yet that I have problems picking favorites? :P

11. What books have been written or have you read that are similar in style and flavour to your novel?

Hmm.... not sure... I think it's too much drawn from everything I've ever heard, read, or watched for there to be one specific thing... though when I start letting random people read it and they notice anything I would be interested in knowing what it reminds them of. :)

12. If it was destined to become a book on tape, who would you wish to read it?

?? Never thought of that... I rarely listen to books on tape. But Jessica had a good a good idea with the whole full-cast thing... :)

And, since it's a tag... I tag Vicki and Lizzy! :) 
I hope you enjoyed meeting these people... let's hope they will at some point soon allow me to finish their story! :)  

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Jessica said...

YAY!!!!! I am sooooo glad that you did this!!! EPICANA!!!!

<<<<333333's them all! Except CR.

gracie said...

Wow! This is super cool! I will definitely want a copy of it when it is finished!
By the way, I tagged you, But no presser if you don't want to do it!
I Miss you!

Sarah H said...

This is so cool. I love getting a peek into other peoples stories.

Katherine Sophia said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jessica! :) *shudder* Yes, please don't love CR...

Thanks, Gracie! :) And I enjoyed doing the tag! It was fun! :) Miss you too... next time I'm home we're allll going to have to get together. :D

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah! I recently started following your Homeschool Authors blog - very cool! Rachel Starr Thomson, Avery Hitch, and Jennifer Frietag are some of my favorites - and you have K. M. Weiland and Rachel Rossano on there too! :D I've definitely enjoyed looking around. :)


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