Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful for/about/because...

not my image
1.) Today's date! 11 happens to be probably my favorite number, so today is just plain cool. :D 

And I need to quit taking pictures with my computer...  :P *shudder* 

2.) Amber is awesome. It's a writer thing... but I just kind of re-realized how amazing it really is when a story character told me. LOL :D And that --> is my amber necklace, which a work colleague of my Dad's in Lithuania sent me! Just because he was cool like that. 

3.) These. *happy sigh*


4.) Blog followers! Thank you all for being amazing! 
 - and yes, that is something for which I was thankful today. :)  

5.) As is hot water. Maybe another writing thing... but I can help but think how absolutely horrid it would be to live somewhere really really cold - and not have hot water and indoor plumbing! Can you imagine how loooooong winter would seem? Melting snow sounds so unappealing...

6.) that my bathtub does not look like the one above. Seriously! Who invented that??? I would break my neck the first time I used it... or the second.... 

7.) IT'S FRIDAY!!!! *cheers* Yay...

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