Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Mark of the Star ~ Liz Patterson

*deep breath* Okay, having finished reading The Mark of the Star for the second time, I am finally ready to do a proper book review. :D

The first time I read it in breathless haste, reaching the end in a bewildering blur of color, scarce having risen from my seat from beginning to end - may I just say here that it's been a long time since I've read a 388 page book in one sitting?

This was also the first book I've ever read where I found myself suddenly wanting a video game to be made off it... I have never before had such a thought about a book before.
But I loved the setting. The story went from desert to rainforest to ocean to capitol city, with just enough description that the land was brought vibrantly to life, without suffocating the reader in an overabundance of scenery. From mermaids to the treesong, the world Lithan'galow was full of pure imagination, and I thoroughly enjoyed my journey across it.

As to the characters... let's just say that they are among those whom the word character seems somehow wrong. :)
I completely fell in love with Jadev... which, combined with the fact that this was the first book of Patterson's that I had read, was quite enough to keep me reading scared for most of the book - nice job, Liz! :D
Freyha is simply delightful, and Arvis is both heart-touching and hilarious.  
Narrow-minded misogynist barbarian!
Oh, princesses like that just make my day…

As do books that can make me both laugh and cry. There were many places where I could have cried... but I don't cry easily when reading. Strangely, the part where I felt tears start to my eyes was at Jadev's question to Tython.
You love her as much as I do, don't you? and then his quiet, Good.

That could have something to do with the fact that I adore Jadev (did I mention that already?), and he was also the one who probably made me laugh the most. Freyha and that doctor have packed me a whole regimen of potions and other healthful things. I may kill myself on this ride, but I won't feel any pain.
:D Okay, I shan't say any more about him, lest I begin to spoil the story. :)

I did want to know more... much more... about the story. Being one of those strange beings who love Lord of The Rings and yet do not think that Harry Potter is good, I found myself wondering about certain aspects of Lithan'galow. The Faeorin - beings who are one with the light - I found fascinating... but... I just want to know more about everything. :) Which means that if there is a second book I shall desperately want to read it... and I may find myself reading The Mark of the Star for a third time in the relatively-near future. :)

I will end with the quote on the back of the book, and by recommending The Mark of the Star to anyone who happens to like fantasy. You can buy it here and read more of the author's writing here. Get it - you won't regret reading it. :D

"Your stubbornness witll be the death of you!" Jadev said. "You can't save the world, Arvis. Some dreams are just that - dreams. Life has a way of shattering them in your face."

His words hit Arvis like a slap. She stared at Jadev, trying to understand the stranger that had once been her friend. "Just because you have given up, does that mean I should? If there is a way to make things right, I'm going to take it."

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Jenna Blake Morris said...

Nice review! I love it when books have great characters that're easy to connect with, and this book sounds really interesting. It's definitely being put on my list!

Squeaks said...

Aaaiii! I want to read this so bad, but I can't buy anything off the internet :( phooey.


Jessica said...

I loved your review of this book, and all the things we talked over about it.


Katherine Sophia said...

It was definitely that, Jenna! And the characters are just great. :)

That stinks... you should get a P.O box or something, Squeaks... and then use Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards so you don't need to use a credit card... :) If those are the problems with ordering stuff off the internet. It's just I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't order cheap textbooks (and regular books :) off the internet... :-o :)

:D Let me know when you want to switch again... ;) Discussing it was lots of fun, Jessica!


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