Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Am I Christ's Valentine?

This is something I've been thinking about lately, and I finally decided to blog about it. 
As you can see by yesterday's post, I definitely use Valentine's as a day to remember how much Christ loves me...

but as someone who does not have a "Valentine," I really don't see Him as taking the place of the guy I don't have (yet, LOL). 

The way I see it, love between a man and a woman is meant to be a picture
of the love between God and Israel, between Christ and His church
not of the love between Christ and us as individuals
If there is a verse in the Bible that contradicts this, please let me know, but I have not been able to find one. 
God is known as a Father to the fatherless... as a Defender of the widows - but not as a Husband of the widows!
He is called our Father many times... with Christ called the first-born of many brethren. We are not in-laws to God, but His beloved adopted children. 

Something that bothers me about viewing Christ this way is how many times I see people talking about being
content for Christ to be those things, until He brings my Prince into my life.
See, I don't want my relationship with God taking a sudden second place when I get married. 
(Can you imagine the mess my marriage would be?) 
I want it to grow only stronger and deeper and better, as I join my life to another's, and together we make up the Church. If Christ is your all only before your Prince comes... what is He afterwards? 
A man is supposed to love his wife as Christ loves the church... not as Christ loves his wife. Who Christ is to me should not depend on who else I have in my life. He does not change, nor does His love for me.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be married - I think sometimes we get the false idea that if we are where we should be spiritually, then we will basically not care. We'll be fine if we get married, fine if we don't; if people close to us die, we'll know it is God's will and so we won't sorrow; basically, whatever happens will be okay because we will be so trusting God that it won't bother us. 
Jesus wept when Lazarus died - and that was knowing He was going to bring him back to life in a couple of minutes! 
We should be able to learn to be content in whatsoever state we are in... but  I don't think that means we are supposed to banish all desires and emotions and not want something He created us to want - marriage.

Looking at it that way, simply sticking Christ in the place of the person I want to marry and calling Him my Valentine does not work. He is many things to me, Savior, Leader, Friend... but not my Husband.   

Does this makes sense? I should probably have spent more time on it, but it's already after midnight on Sunday, so time's up. :)

Thoughts, anyone? 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

el puesto de forma aleatoria

Yes, the random fashion post. 

Just because... I feel like it! 

And I feel like it because... 

I just got a super cute new coat that I just know is going to raise my grades! :D

Isn't it cute? :)

While I'm at it, want to see what else I wore to school today? :)

My usual standby: knee-high black leather boots.               (Mine don't have the buckles, though.)

My Christmas present - a black leather laptop/book bag.                                                                      (This one's relatively close to mine.)
Plain black A-line skirt.                                               (No random pockets on mine.) :)
And apparently there is no other like it in the world, but I also wore a red plaid ruffled long-sleeved blouse, with way smaller plaid and a lot more white than this. :D

And of course:

Yeah... okay, back to studying. :)


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