Sunday, October 24, 2010


Destiny calls indeed... but I'm not talking about the TV show. 

I'm not talking about this kind of lost either:

No, more like destiny-ically speaking,  I should have a license plate like this:

Since, after all, 9 times out of 10, it would be true.

Having had the severe misfortune to be born into a family that could individually be dropped into the Chippewa National Forest blindfolded and get home before dark (without GPS), I'm doubly handicapped. 

Yet, I'm not exactly lost. It's more like... being temporarily disoriented. Actually, that's pretty much a constant state of mind when I'm driving. 
But despite that, I always manage to get where I'm going, though sometimes plus a few extra turns. 

 I will get in the car, knowing where I want to go and the general direction I should head. And sooner or later, I'll end up at my destination, having prayed my way there. 
It's never failed to get me where I'm going, pretty much by the time I need to be there. 

Until last week. 

My mom asked me to go pick up my brother. I'd gone with her once before when she picked him up, so I knew what the place looked like... and she made me a quick sketch of the roads, so I was good. With that, I wouldn't even have to do my usual I-have-no-idea-where-I-am-God-please-get-me-where-I'm-going thing. So I ran out to the car and headed off

But when I got to the first intersection and glanced at the little sketch, I couldn't quite read the first street name. Oh, well, I'd been there before. It couldn't be that difficult. So I dropped the sketch on the center counsel and went straight. 

I went straight for quite a ways. And then made a turn. And another. And another. Until eventually... I couldn't even have retraced my way back home. By then I was praying my usual please-get-me-where-I'm-going thing for sure - and I had probably less idea of where I was than ever before in my driving life. 

But at last, many turns and detours later, I saw a road that was on the sketch. Ufda. So I got myself oriented (ha, at least I could make it home now if I had to), and determined to actually follow the map now. I wouldn't make that mistake again.

Only the next road on the map was Arrowwood. 

I can now tell you quite assuredly that there is no Arrowwood road in that part of town. 

But, eventually I decided it must mean the completely unfamiliar-looking Arrowhead road - and to make a loooooooong story slightly shorter, got where I was going, picked up my brother, and got home, taking just under an hour for a ten minute trip. 
Yeah... I apologize for making women drivers look bad. Bother. 
(In my defense, I had a big test the next day and had been studying like crazy... not a good excuse, but my brain was temporarily MIA.) :)

It was annoying, but it made me think of how many people go through life like that. It can't be that difficult to get to heaven. Who needs directions? Just head out and you'll be fine. 

So people do... and get hopelessly lost. We can't find our way on our own, even when we have a slight idea of the direction to head.

At some point many will pick up instructions - but how many will pick up instructions that are wrong? In recent years there has been a huge surge in Mormonism, Islam, Wiccan, etc. People are realizing they don't know what is truly going on, or where true meaning lies, and they want to find out. 

But looking at directions that are wrong will get you just as lost as using no directions. 

It is only by looking at the infallible Word of God that our desired destination can be reached. We can endlessly drive in circles... or we can start following the directions immediately and accomplish great things for God by simply following His instructions. 

And you know, it is only by sharing the directions we have received that others can come with us. We must be careful how we live our lives, so that others do not get more lost trying to follow what we have told them. We must follow God's Word carefully, and give it to others faithfully, that they may do the same. 

Seeking after Him, because He found me when I was lost,

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De Facto said...

The more I read your blog the more I say to God, "Thank you for making someone else out there like me so I don't have to be the only one." I get lost the very same way that you do and the only way I find my way to where I need to go is nothing short of an act of God. By the way, admitting that you have trouble finding your way isn't tarnishing my view of women drivers. It's women who drive poorly and yet insist that there is nothing wrong with their driving.

If I may piggyback on your analogy, a lot of people have tried Islam, Mormonism, and other false religions thinking that all roads lead to Truth. Just as all roads did not lead to the place where your brother was, so too is the path to Truth a narrow road that grows wider as it goes. The fact is that the Holy Spirit is our spiritual GPS, drawing us to Christ, even when we were sinners He was calling us to that narrow path.

Be blessed,
De Facto

Katherine Sophia said...

I feel bad for our guardian angels... though it is somewhat of a relief to know I'm not the only one who relies on miracles on a weekly basis. :)
And I like where you went with that - great point that no, all roads do not lead to the same place, and the Holy Spirit as our GPS is a good analogy. Thanks for your comment!


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