Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I had a quarter sitting on the center console.

Really, I did.

Placed there for the express purpose of the parking meter.

But by the time I had driven two blocks, listening to All I Ask of You and trying to not think about a paper I had due that I had not yet written,
I had completely forgotten about it.

Jumped out of the car, ran inside to the bank, found out I couldn't pay my tuition because the place was already closed, came out...

and had a ticket.

I was not happy...

but do you know what?

I didn't ignore the ticket.
I'm not disputing it.
I have to pay it, and I'm going to.

Which is why I am always confused when people act like somehow sin is different.

So what if I didn't mean to do it?

So what if I completely forgot I was supposed to put a quarter in the parking meter?

So what if I planned on doing it, was ready and everything - did my best?

So what if what I did wasn't that bad? (I wasn't speeding or anything! Or even parked there very long!)

So what if I think it was a stupid place for a parking meter and didn't think it could possibly have been meant for me?

I still was on someone else's property, using their parking place, and should have abode by their rules. (and yes, abode can be used that way. I said so.)
And since I didn't, I got ticketed, and will say that I deserved it for the sake of this illustration. (:P)

No excuse is going to work when we stand before God. We fell short of the mark - and we all got ticketed. There is no possible way we can argue our way out of it; we messed up and we deserve our punishment.

But Someone already paid it for us! All we have to do is hand Him our ticket, and watch Him write His name across it. And that is all we can do, because on our own we could never pay it.

So why do so many pull their ticket away from Him and angrily dispute whether or not they should have gotten one at all?
The answer to that is obvious.

You got a ticket.

You deserved it.

Now give it to the only Person who can pay it and He will!

Isn't God good?

Praising Him,

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Jessica said...

Wow this is gorgeous Kate. You really should write a devotional. You are so poignant with your pictures.

I am so glad HE paid for my ticket because I can't afford the prince He paid to redeem me.


Katherine Sophia said...

I know... if I'd had more time I could have put that in there too - my parents had to pay my ticket because I happen to be flat out completely broke. XP
Careful... if you keep saying that, I might end up with a devotional someday, even though the thought never entered my mind before you first mentioned it. :D


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