Saturday, September 11, 2010


As I mentioned in this post, I've been having a little trouble with my current story. Right now I have twelve people whose lives need to be tied together and wrapped up for the story to end.

Let's just say... every time I sit down to type, my head starts spinning. :)
I suppose when I begin editing I may need to change some things so that it is not quite so confusing... but right now the complicated mess that all my characters have somehow gotten themselves into simply amazing.
It could be that I'm trying to end the story too soon (although it's already nearly twice as long as I thought it would be).
Or maybe I've just gotten too attached to too many people and some of them just need to disappear.
Or perhaps the storyline itself is too complicated.
Or it could even be that I'm just way too easily confused and my characters are doing fine and I simply need to let them continue on. :)

But anyway, the other night I was puzzling over it, wondering what exactly what going on and how I was supposed to get to the next scene and what was going to happen when I got there...
when I thought of God, the Author and Finisher of our faith - the Author of our lives.
He is writing History itself!
I'm having trouble with twelve people in one story - He has been directing and controlling every life since the world began!
I don't really know what's going to happen next in the story- not only does He know what's next, he knows the entire ending and how the world will get there!
My characters surprise me, confuse me, and mess with my plot - His characters can do nothing that He does not already know about and cannot use in His perfect plot.

Have you ever noticed something tiny, that suddenly made you realize how absolutely incredibly astonishingly big our God is?

Can you try to comprehend His infinite knowledge in knowing and understanding each and every person on this entire earth?
In creating each one with a different heritage, a different back-story, a different personality, a different fingerprint?
In keeping track each moment of their every thought, of how each story intertwines with the others, the consequences of each small action, and bringing all these millions upon millions of stories together into an ending that has already been written?

It's incomprehensible.

But isn't He amazing?

Seeking Him,

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Erika said...

HE is amazing.


Erika said...

I hope your 12 characters don't give you too much of a headache...

By the way, Jesus was in a similar position as He stood before Pilate. His 12 characters - disciples - were a mess - certainly a far cry from what they needed to be. One betrayed Him, one denied Him, one followed Him but did not help or speak for Him, one doubted Him - the rest ran away in confusion and despair. After Jesus had worked with them for three years, the condition they were in was a huge mess - not to mention that Jesus Himself was about to be killed.

However, He still loved each one of them. God's love and power changed those 12 messed-up men into amazing preachers, powerful soul-winners, dynamic healers, workers of miracles, prophets, teachers, authors, evangelists, church-planters, disciple-makers, and martyrs. Truly, He can tie everything together and bring everyone to a climax that they could not have imagined!

God bless you as you deal with your 12 "disciples"!

Anonymous said...

That's really cool, Katherine! I liked this post a lot!

Katherine Sophia said...

Exactly. :)

That is interesting, Erika - I didn't think about that. And isn't that incredible… looking at where they were, and then where God brought them… The stories He writes are always so amazing! And thank you, I was trying to finish my story before school started - didn't happen, but I think it will come together more easily when I'm not trying so hard. :D I hope... ;)

Thank you, Shaynie! :)

Jessica said...

I love our Author. He is amazing. I love how He uses writing to show himself to us more and more every day! His insight is life changing.

I hope you can figure out what all of your characters are going to do soon because they are all awesome!

Love ya Kate!


Katherine Sophia said...

I know, I love it when what I am writing helps me understand something more about God! It is always so incredibly special...
And I will tell my characters that! Well, some of them are already so sure if it, I don't really need to... :P


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