Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Estate

I spent all day today running errands... food, clothes, shoes... I've never really been "back-to-school" shopping, really, so this month has been interesting! :D

One place we stopped, though I stayed in the car working on some school, was an estate sale.
When everyone came back, they mentioned several things they had seen, things the person kept their entire life, which were now being sold off to whoever walked into their house.
Estate sales always interest me because of the glimpse they give you into another person's life.

You walk into their house after they die, and you learn things.
You find out how much stuff they had.
What kind of books they read, and if they loved to read or not.
What type of music they listened to, and the type they preferred.
What movies they watched, which ones were their favorites.
What kind of clothes they wore, and how they took care of them.
What pets they had, and sometimes even how much of their life involved those pets.
What kind of furniture they owned.
What style of decorating they preferred.
What was important to them.
And even how much their children valued their parent's possessions, by what things they left in the house to be sold!
It's fascinating to enter into another person's life like that.

I listened to my younger brother talk about something this particular person had, and thought of the Judgement Day.

Kind of like an Estate Sale, everything that was in our lives will be there, on display for the Judge to see. He will not see the clean version of our house, picked up and spiffed for company. He will not even see the family version of our house, the way it looks when no one happens to be coming and we go to bed tired after a long day away. He won't even see the we've-all-had-the-flu-for-three-weeks-and-we're-moving-do-you-mind version of our house. Of course, He already knows exactly what we're like, but in that Day everything hidden will be made known, and people will be able to see our life as we lived it. It will be easy to see what was important to us, and what things mattered to us.

Which makes me think... is there anything in my life that I'd really rather not be there when it comes time for my "estate sale" and everyone can walk through my life and see what I valued?
What do I value? Am I making sure that those things are well taken care of?

Say I did die, and people were really going through my things down here. What kind of person would they think I was? What would they see as most important in my life? What would they leave talking about?

It gives you something to think about...

Seeking Him,

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Jessica said...

Wow, I love this Kate. So thought provoking. What will people think and more importantly what does Christ think?

When are you going to write a devotional? I want to read it!

Thank you for making me think Kate!


Katherine Sophia said...

After I write a dozen novels. :) I'm gad you liked it! God is so good to keep teaching me to keep my eyes open so I have something to share every week. :)


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