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Music again...

What can I say? I love music. :)

This weeks simile is pretty simple... merely a thought I had while listening to some songs about the French Revolution.

I've always found the French Revolution fascinating, from learning that Lafayette's son was forced to flee to America for safety, to searching for connections between the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and the violent years that followed.

If you've ever read In The Reign of Terror, The Scarlet Pimpernel, A Tale of Two Cities,Scaramouche, or any similar books, you have some idea of those times were like (fiction though those books may be).
If you have ever shuddered at the "knitting women," or cried at Sidney's, "It is a far, far better thing I do," - then you know where I'm coming from. :)

When you see the insanity that was unleashed, you wonder how people could do such things. But they were starving - for food, for protection from those who would take from them and kill them, for the right to live. Almost everyone knows the "Let them eat cake" quote - can you imagine what constant hunger will drive people to do?

The song I heard was pretty awful, a song from the mobs to the aristocrats they were murdering, but when I heard it and thought of what had brought them to that place - decades, centuries even, of abuse and cruelty from those who could have helped them... I realized something.

Those who had freedom, money, and food, kept it for themselves.
They did not see the starving multitudes about them.
They did not care enough to save those who died from the awful conditions in which they lived.
They did not give as they had been given to.

When their judgement came, it was terrible.
An estimate 40,000 people died during the Reign of Terror.

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life."

Do you realize what happens when we withhold Bread from those who are starving for it? When we, who have been given so much, do not do all that we can that others might also eat of that Bread?
Do you see the direction the world is going?
Do you see hate increasing and people's love for each other growing cold?
Can you feel tension building?

We know that without that Bread, people will die.

Did you ever stop to wonder how much more you would do if you realized that if you did not share that Bread, you yourself would die?

if the guillotine was just ahead of us, would we see the urgency of doing right?

If we saw, not only the misery of a life without God and the horror of a death without Christ, but our own lives depending on how we obeyed God and allowed ourselves to be used of Him to change people's hearts to keep them from killing us, would we do more to share Him?

I hope not.

But I wonder...

Thinking about His Kingdom,

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