Friday, June 11, 2010

Unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall

This week's is a little late... but today I got over and rode Rio again (maybe it's the only time I can think or something?) (just kidding) :D so, you can expect another weekly whatever-it-should-be-called. :)

I didn't have a camera, or I would have gotten a new picture, but this is from this winter - a year and a half after Rio went through a fence for the second time. It might look pretty obvious to you - but if you had seen her leg even as soon as I saw it (which was quite some time after it happened) you would absolutely amazed. I took a lot of pictures then, too, but... yuck.

Anyway... there has always seemed to be mostly "red" horses born at the barn where I worked for years. (They happen to not generally strike me as beautiful, not that there's anything wrong with them.) :) Every spring there would be a few sorrels and a bay and maybe a brown. Then a black horse was born. He was gorgeous - maybe the most striking horse I'd ever seen that close. (One of them, for sure!) I was very tempted.... but when I looked at him, I couldn't help but think, he was meant for something else. Somehow I could not picture him just hanging out in a pasture, waiting for me to find time to trail ride him once in a while. He would be an amazing show horse - trained by the best, out doing something in front of lots of people.
Then Rio came along.
I almost fell for her... but again, one of the reasons I didn't was a feeling that she could do so more much with someone else. (i.e. with someone who rides every day instead of once a month, anyone??)

When she went through the fence, that changed. She was no longer a perfect horse. Both hind legs had been ripped wide open, the right one (just before I got her) clear to the bone. She was hurt, unwanted, and - I got her.

Today I brushed her all up and was again amazed at how well she had healed. She looks (and acts)... pretty much perfect.
When I get a hold of a camera again, I'll have to post a more recent picture - it looks good! If you want to see what it looked like last winter (after several months of bandaging - meaning after it was mostly healed), I'm putting a picture of that up too - but way at the end of this post in case you don't share my fascination with medicine and healing. It isn't pretty, just sayin'. :)

Lately, I've also been thinking about scars that people have - emotional, mental, maybe physical. How they can define us (I come from a dysfunctional family - what do you expect from me?) - or how they can be used by God. Rio's scars make it possible for me to use her - or for me to be comfortable with her, to relate to her, you could say. (Even if that sounds weird, lol...) :)

Not only can God heal our scars, fix them so that they do not cripple us, not only can He still use us despite the scars - He can take them and use them in ways that we could never imagine! Because of them, others can relate to us, can be influenced by us, can be comfortable with us, in ways that they could not were we "perfect."

Everyone has different scars; some have only a scratch, others have been cut "to the bone." Some are easy to see, others are perhaps invisible to everyone else. When we see scars - or feel them- we tend to think something is less valuable, less wonderful. But it was because Rio was hurt that I got her. Every time I look at her legs I am amazed and happy at how good they look and that she's my horse. I never go "Oh, it's so ugly." We can go around thinking, "Oh, no, I'll never be able to be in a show pen because of this," or we can see what amazing things God has planned for us!

That just made me happy today, and I hope it encourages you as well!

and, if you want to see the picture...

it's coming...

I just don't want to gross anybody out. :)

Even though this picture actually looks good compared to the months before... :P

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Squeaks said...

Rio is such a sweet heart!! My family has 13 horses and we had to put one down because she pretty much ripped her leg off when she got caught in straight wire. It was terrible (especially because it occurred on Thanksgiving day).

My baby boy (not much of a baby any more; he's about 23) has leg issues too, although he's never gone through a fence. Just last year his legs swelled up three times there normal size. I thought I was going to loose him and my parents were talking about "putting him out of his misery". But praise God, with His healing touch and my watchful eye my baby healed up just fine!

I'll definitely keep Rio in my prayers. I hope she heals up soon!!

God Bless!


Jessica said...

Scars are important. It marks sometimes where we have been what we have learned and what we have gone through. No they aren't pretty. How many girls say "Hey look at my scar! Isn't it cool?" This perspective is so important thank you for sharing Kate.

Katherine Sophia said...

Oh, that would be awful, Squeaks! First time Rio got hurt it was a straight wire fence... ugh. I'm glad your other horse is ok now, though! To think I could still have Rio in 20 years... wow. :)

You're welcome, Jessica! :) You're right, scars can be an important reminder to us...


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