Friday, June 11, 2010


What's really wrong with romance in stories? Truth be told... I think that I love romantic books and romance in general, best. If I could only read or write one thing - it would have to be romance. And, the more I think about it, it needn't even be Christian romance - simply romance would be enough.

"What is romance? I suppose the general idea of romance would be - stirring adventures, hair-breadth escapes, great deeds wrought, great perils faced, exciting stories. But these are not all. There might be all these, and yet no real romance. It might be a very exciting thing if a burglar were to leap from a high-up window with a lady's jewels under his arm - but would we call that romantic? I don't think so. We might call it romantic, however, if the house was on fire, and someone who knew there was a child asleep in the top story, rushed in, saved the child, and leaped from the window with it in his arms. Especially if, though he did not know it at the time the child proved to be a near relation of his own - his brother's or his sister's child - that would indeed be romance.
What makes the difference? The high moral qualities engaged. The exciting adventures and all the rest are but the outward adornments - these are the things by which God touches our hearts, and shows us that the men and women who did them were inspired by that "breath of life" which He breathed into us at our creation.
Take, then, our motto as the definition of romance - "All high deeds that make the heart to quiver" - and they do quiver when we hear or read them! But what are they? "Courage, high endurance, generous deed." And we must add something else. There would not be much romance in the world if we all stood separate, like grains of sand - near, yet apart from each other in mind and heart. No, it is the strong and tender human affections which make the most attractive part of all romantic stories. It may be the kind of love usually called romantic; or, just as truly, the deep, deep, love of friend for friend, of brother for brother, of parent for child, or of child for parent... All these help to make true romance." ~Deborah Alcock

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Jessica said...

This is very good and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing Mrs. Alcock's fine words of wisdom.

Katherine said...

Thanks for sharing!


Milli said...

Um..this is wise:D

Katherine Sophia said...

You're welcome, Jessica and Katherine! :)
I just thought it was so cool to see a description like that... the very word implying "these are the things by which God touches our hearts." And relationships are a vital part of that, though not necessarily "the kind usually called romantic." True romance - I think the world needs more of it!

And thanks for commenting, Milli! :)


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