Thursday, May 27, 2010

*sniff-sniff* Mmmmm......

I love perfume.
(this is my current favorite)

In fact, I love the scent of flowers, of fresh air, of summer, of bread baking, of fresh cookies, of chlorine and sun-screen lotion, of horses, of fresh-cut grass, of fish frying, of clothes just off the line, of cinnamon and vanilla tea, of peppermint soap... of lots of things, actually.

Which is funny, because I am a person who tends to not breathe through her nose. I just kind of like being the last person to know that the air I'm breathing smells bad. (When everyone else around me starts screaming "Skunk!" I just plug my nose.) ;)

Still, I somehow end up noticing how a lot of things around me smell - and I love it when they smell good.

Something that really annoys me about perfume, though, is how quickly my nose gets used to the scent. Pretty soon it doesn't register anymore, and I no longer get to enjoy it. Unless I go spray some more on. But then, after a while, everyone around you starts gagging and you have a headache.
The closest I got to that was a few years ago when I went straight from my job cleaning horse stalls to my volunteer work at a nursing home. I changed my clothes in the bathroom there, washed up as well as I could, and sprayed some perfume. Unfortunately, I had been using a lightly scented mist, but today I grabbed some strong perfume I had been given and brought it along, knowing I was going to have to change at the place. And of course, I unthinkingly used it as liberally as I had been using the mist, not realizing just how strong it was until too late. *chokes at the memory* I just about had to go around the rest of the night apologizing for making people's eyes water.

Most of the time, though, perfume works perfectly. :) And although a sense of smell is one of our more expendable senses (touch, sight, taste, hearing, smell - which one you pick if you had to lose one?) it is vital to how well we know what is going on around us, and affects our experiences in more ways than we realize.

Today I was praying (kind of praying about praying, actually) in front of my mirror, and I saw my perfume bottle out of the corner of my eye and absentmindedly reached for it. Spraying some on (and taking a deep breath, of course) :D I suddenly thought of this verse:

And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand. Revelations 8:3-4

Looking that verse up brought me to this one:

Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice. Psalm 141:2

My prayers are to God like what perfume is to me. They are like incense before Him.

If you think about it, prayer, like perfume, is not necessary, in the sense that God already knows my every thought. But prayer, like our sense of smell, is vital to how much we know about our Lord, and it has consequences that we cannot imagine, both now and in eternity. Yet I find myself treating it like perfume in the sense that if I do it too much it will be overwhelming. And nothing could be further from reality! Praying is one of the most special privileges that God has granted us.

Talking to the Creator of the universe! Speaking with the One who conquered death and hell for me! Communicating with The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

Doesn't that make you want to immediately offer incense before His throne?

How good do you smell today? :)

Keep Seeking Him!

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Jessica said...

Such beautiful thoughts Kate. I can smell their loveliness all the way from here. :)

Katherine said...

Great post! Thanks so much for your congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Many blessings!

Leah Marie said...

I love the perfume my mom got for me for Christmas. I didn't even want that kind, but I love the way it smells! :]

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you, Jessica! I just wish it wasn't such a long ways to there... :)

Thanks, Katherine! And you're welcome! :)

Isn't that funny, Leah? Sometimes I think our mothers know us better than we know ourselves... :)

Mac and Kat said...

I love perfume! but at the same time I'm very picky about scents. I enjoy soft and ....well ...beautiful scents. Usually if the scent is too strong it makes me feel sick. For this reason it's hard for me to find perfume that I would actually wear and not just like to smell on perfume samples. My favorite perfume and the one I wear is Parisienne. I absolutely can't get enough of this! I had been saving a perfume sample of it for several months and was so disheartened when I discovered it missing. You can imagine how surprised I was when I opened it as one of my Christmas presents( an actual bottle of the perfume that is)! I will have to check out the one you mentioned in your post!

God Bless!

Katherine Sophia said...

Yes, do you ever make yourself sick sniffing all the different samples at the store? :) I like more delicate ones, like flower scents, too. Now I'll have to see if I can find a sample of Parisienne... :)

Merriette said...

Question: How can you prefer to taste stinky air than to smell it? Maybe I'm weird, but when something smells, I close my mouth not my nose. :)
And I don't wear perfume so I don't really know anything about it, though I do enjoy smelling it on other people sometimes.
Actually, the sense of smell is scarcely more expendable than taste. My sister's nose didn't work for almost the first twenty years of her life, so it's been neat since it got fixed. For the first couple of months she was just in awe at how good everything tasted--food is really bland without smell. Also, it is dangerous to not be able to smell, because it is a fire detector, as well as other things.
Sorry, I'm not sure why I just said all that. :) Great post! I love how thought-provoking your posts often are, how you look at everything deeply, from an eternal perspective.

Katherine Sophia said...

lol, well, I think I usually end up just not breathing at all. :D Which obviously only lasts for so long...
And yeah, my mom always used to tell us to plug our noses when we didn't want to eat certain things as children - we always said it didn't work, but I guess it is supposed to. :D You're right, it is an extremely helpful sense, one I certainly wouldn't want to lose, but still... if I had to choose between smelling and seeing or something... :D
And I always enjoy your long comments, so don't be sorry. :D


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