Thursday, April 8, 2010

The things I learn doing school...

Yes, doin' school again today, and, following rabbit trails as usual, learned something new! Isn't that amazing?
I learned about
Ondine's Curse!
Sounds weird, doesn't it?
It is.
Ondine's Curse is a medical condition, a respiratory disorder where you quit breathing when you fall asleep. Seriously. About 1 in 200,000 babies are born with it, and they will not reach adulthood unless put on a ventilator to sleep. (!) It can also, very rarely, occur because of extreme spinal or brain trauma. (I am dieing to put this in a story... how could I work it in?) The name's history I found fascinating as well.
It comes from the myth of Ondine - one I never heard of before today. Apparently, Ondine "was" a water nymph. A man fell in love with her and swore that his "every waking breath would be a testimony of [his] love" for her. Apparently, he lied. So she cursed him - he would not remember to breathe if he ever fell asleep. And, apparently, he finally fell asleep, and died. I'd advise not falling in love with water nymphs, especially if you plan on falling out of love with them.
The things I learn doing school.

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Jessica said...

*note to self: fall not though in love with water nymphs nor any kind of nymph they are just mythical...unless cursed by one then they become real.*

Wow what a scary condition...I can't wait to read the story...when you get it started. :D

Have a lovely day Kate

Katherine Sophia said...

:D Yes, If I ever manage to write it, you'll be reading it directly! ;)

Felicity said...

Haha! I'll be sure not to follow in love with one, and especially to not fall out of love.=D
Doesn't sound like a horrible way to die. One doesn't feel like they are suffocating do they?
I've discovered that I really do not like pain or physical discomfort and my list of ways I'd like to die is really short. =) Not that I think about it that much. . . my grandma was just visiting recently and as she works in the nursing home and has lived a very active life, she knows a lot of stories of diseases etc. Anyway...
Hey, I guess you can tell a writer when they hear something like that and instantly want to write a story about it! :D

Katherine Sophia said...

:D Yes, it's probably one of the better ways to die...
"I've discovered that I really do not like pain or physical discomfort and my list of ways I'd like to die is really short."
That is funny, because it's almost exactly what I say! I *don't* like being hurt, and I was actually just telling my brother like yesterday I wanted one of those "they never knew what hit them" deaths. :)


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