Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Interviews...

So, with all this interviewing...
I was really getting into it (haha, OBVIOUSLY), and having a lot of fun really "getting to know" this person I'd met. (Unlike most authors, I did meet Jim Boltaire, not imagine him - he was in a book my brother began but never finished, and when I met him... I just had to find out what else he did in his life!) :D
But I was on my computer, typing away all excitedly, and I began to wonder:
How well do I know God?
How many of these questions could I answer about HIM?
Of course, some of them would be not work out at all, but the idea...
How real is HE in my life?
I'm toying with the idea of trying to fill it out... but it's so real. I mean, this is serious, not something to play around with, you know? So I'm not sure about that yet.
Although, think of trying to fill it out for a good friend or family member - and then showing it to them. How well do you know them? How much would you get right?
It would really show you how close you are.
And I would really enjoy finding verses to answer the questions...
But back to the point: Jesus Christ is Truth Unveiled. There is nothing more real than Him and nothing more important than knowing Him.
Today in my Bible reading (I'm typing this Monday, btw) :) I tried to see how much God told about Himself. I'm reading the end of the OT, with lots about Israel and Edom and punishments and blessings... but every chapter told something else about God's character and who He is! That's what the Bible is for - so that we can know Him!
And that is such an awesome privilege.
There is nothing more amazing than that.
Except the reason we can - the everlasting and marvelous love that He has for us.
He is so good!
Seeking Him!

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