Sunday, April 18, 2010

My last piano teacher, a very talented teacher, once said something to me that I hope I'll never forget.
We were talking about recitals, and I said I didn't mind playing piano for people who didn't know anything about piano, but I was nervous about playing in front of really good pianists.
She was like, snob. Why?
Because... they know when I make mistakes. They can tell.
She said why do you think they're listening for you to make a mistake?
Ummm... Hm.
Maybe they're sitting in the audience completely distracted and not listening to you at all. Maybe they're thinking through their grocery list. Maybe they're sitting there sleeping. Maybe they're sitting there, awed and touched by what you just played. Maybe they're excited, hoping you do really well. Anything at all could be going through their minds. Why would you automatically assume that they are waiting for you to make a mistake and listening carefully for a wrong note?
That really hit me. Why would I think that? Since then, however, I've tried not to think that; instead, I've tried to remember - and play like - my audience is listening for me to play well.
This week I was reminded of that while driving down the road. I was kinda late, hurrying along, and a car turned in front of me. They took like 10 miles to accelerate from 20mph to 60mph. So I'm inching along behind him, getting annoyed... when I remember that. Why would I assume this is a bad thing? I also remembered a recent discussion with my brother about "random" deaths - where a person had to be in a certain spot in a certain time in a certain way... and think how many of them happen. We both wondered how many of them don't happen. How many times we are saved from something really bad happening to us because of a slight delay in our schedule, because something broke, because...
I thought it was an interesting idea, and in the car I realized I had a choice. Either I could be annoyed that I was having to drive slower than I wanted to, assuming it was a bad thing - or I could assume that it was a blessing in disguise, saving me from a car accident a few miles down the road. Of course, nothing happened (or was going to happen) that I know of. But that's the point. We don't know when God saves us from disaster or what He uses to protect us, simply because when we're protected, nothing bad happens. So we don't know how close we came.
So next time your schedule is rudely interrupted, thank God. Who knows what you were just saved from! Even if all that happened was that you got behind and were late - hey, at least you'll have felt better about it! :) Always assume something God is doing something good.

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Katherine said...

Great post!!!! Very true

Kelsey said...

what a great perspective, my dear!

Jessica said...

So true we never know what God has in plan because we can't see the future but He does and He will lead an guide in the ways that are everlasting.

Katherine Sophia said...

"plans for good and not for evil..." He is good!
Thanks for commenting, girls! :D

Felicity said...

Thank you for posting this! Somehow it put a new perspective on the whole "it will all work out for good" thing and convicted me that I need to trust even further than I've already known I need to.
I've been thinking about a topic closely related to what you said about looking for and expecting something good. I have a tendency when I visit other churches or listen to contemporary music, etc. to be on the alert for an error because I often find one. My Dad has been a great example for me lately though and I've noticed more and more how when I listen to/watch something, I'll notice everything wrong with it and dislike it, but he'll notice everything write with it and benefit from it. It's now my goal to look for what is right and to expect that God will use the pastor/speaker/singer/whatever to edify me if I'm looking for something to take home.
Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now. Great post!

Katherine Sophia said...

Oooh. Ouch, Felicity. I know exactly what you're talking about. And that is something that I've been convicted of before, too. Because I have been blessed with beautiful music and amazing preachers so often, it can be hard for me when the church or whatever is not as good. But you're right, once I get my attitude straightened out, I can learn, and God truly can use anyone to teach and edify! I was just reading in the book of John how God used Caiphas to prophecy because he was the High Priest - even though look how messed up he was!
That was good, thank you for reminding me of that again! :)


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