Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today was beautiful.

Back with my family (most of whom are currently sick... I'm beginning to sense a pattern here: I come down here = they're sick. :) No, it's not that bad, just seems like it sometimes) :), I decided to walk the perimeter of our property.

I haven't done that in ages...

Everything was so - vibrant.

the bright blue sky

the soft tan/brown leaves

the sharp scratch of the branches as I tried to run through the woods

the light green moss

the deep red sumac

the echoing shriek of peacocks in spring

the thick-bladed golden grass in the field

the dark green pine trees

the slight slipping of mud underfoot

the glint of new grass showing through the dried stalks

the strange feeling of half-running/half-walking/half-jumping (notice: I'm not very good with fractions) through a mass of gopher hills

the delicious warmth of the sun

I have heard people disagree that Heaven could possibly be a city paved with gold, and argue over what we will do in such a place. Think about that though. Surely the One who has created an earth that, after 6,000-10,000 years of sin and sin's destruction, is still able to amaze and inspire us with its beauty, and the One who created us to delight and enjoy color, sensation, beauty, and life, is able to do the same in Heaven.

But what is Heaven?
And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. John 17:3

Knowing Him is life eternal, and should be what our life here is about. Being abandoned to Christ... having everything be about knowing and making known our Savior.

I know this, and I believe it.

But so often I fail to live it.

I know there is a great and gloriously vibrant and beautifully colorful life just under the surface.

But I am so busy enjoying the chill sparkle of a clear, starkly black-and-white winter day, that I forget that there is more.

I am content to play in the snow, enjoying myself very much, thank you. Never mind that soon I'll be freezing wet, and have accomplished nothing.

It's in the summer that we can actually do things, can actually plant and care for gardens, cause them to bear fruit. It is in the summer that the sun shines most brightly and we feel it the most.

What would I rather have than closeness with Christ and an absolute abandonment to His will for me?


Yet every moment other things call to me, attract me, distract me, pull me from Him.

That is one reason why we need to spend time with other Christians... especially those who are farther along than we are: to remind us of our goal, our aim, what is ahead of us. This is also why spending time in God's Word is so important. We need to remember what our life here is about, so that we can truly live.

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Jessica said...

How beautifully and wonderfully described and worded Katherine and how deeply meaningful. Oh, and I LOVE your fractions they make sense that way. :)

Can do mom said...

A thought provoking but enjoyable post!

I'm so sorry your family has not been well. :( I have not talked with your mom since we've headed south. Em and I had colds but we have recovered and feel fine. I hope your family is feeling better soon!

Katherine Sophia said...

I'm glad you liked it! :)
I hope they feel better too... they're still pretty miserable. :( Thanks, tho! I'm sure they'll be good pretty soon. :)

Merriette said...

Lovely post and so true. I needed that reminder.


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