Monday, March 22, 2010

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. Genesis 50:20

My family is memorizing this verse, and today we were discussing it:

Who did God mean it unto good to?


his brothers?


The amazing answer is all of them!

Through that one terrible incident, God did so many incredible things!

Imagine if Joseph had grown up the annoying, spoiled, "special" child of Jacob, with all of the terrible-examples-that-were-his-brothers surrounding him. Who would he have become without the experiences that he had in Egypt?

Who would the other fathers of the tribes of Israel become if they had not sold their brother into slavery, and so missed all of the lessons that they learned through that?

Really, what would have happened to Egypt if they had not had someone to interpret the Pharaoh's dream?

What would have happened to Jacob's entire family if there had been no food in Egypt?

What would have happened to the world if there had been no nation of Israel... no tribe of Judah... no David... no line of David...

Of course, we know that God promised the coming of His Son, and promised that He would be of the children of Abraham. He even told Abraham that the Israelites would come out of Egypt!
But isn't it amazing that the way He used to keep those promises not only worked out best for the world, but worked out best for the individuals involved! Although Jacob and his family hardly seemed to be following God with the intensity that Abraham did, God used even their sin to refine their character, bless their life, and change the world.

That's cool.

It makes you wonder...

What is going on in my life that God could use to change the world?

[I have 10 evil brothers... my dad is making them hate me... I'm a slave... our little brother is the most annoying person on earth... our dad doesn't like us... we just did something so stupid we're going to feel guilty the rest of our lives... you can put just about anything in here! even the passing of the health care bill...]

can be accepted, even embraced by me, and I can do what Joseph did and allow it to refine me and teach me how to serve God better, or I can do what, say, Esau did, and refuse to be who He wants me to be.

It's actually kind of exciting when you think about it that way...

Something that I see as a hindrance, painful, irritating, even a tragedy in my life, could be exactly what God is going to use to prepare me for something so big I can't even imagine it right now.

Praise Him.

Seek Him.

Serve Him.

Glorify Him!

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Jessica said...

Oh such beautiful thoughts Kate. I love them! You certainly have me thinking. For what do we know but we have come into this world for such time a this...
Esther paraphrased.
Love you Kate!

Felicity said...

Great, great thoughts. This is easy to learn in theory, but hard for me to put into practice.:) Thank you for writing about it, I needed to be reminded, again.
I love reading the different insights you post, even though I usually only barely have time to read them and no time to comment. Keep them coming!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you both for your encouragement! So far, God has made sure I have something to post every week, and it's been good for me to make sure I write it down and remember it. :)


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