Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stopped to get gas on the way home from the hospital, and was standing there while it pumped, praying that this time, I would give a tract when I payed inside.
Gas stations are always fun places at which to hand out tracts, but lately I've been ducking out at the last minute... too many people around, they don't look friendly, I feel stupid... yeah. Totally Lame with a capital L.
I start for the door. Right by the handle is a big cigarette sign, which says, "Go everywhere with boldness."
Wow. Yes, Sir!
I thought that was kind of cool. :)
So I went in there with boldness, anyway, and the too many people didn't notice and nobody got mad at me and I didn't feel as stupid as I would have if I had walked out still holding a tract! I'm getting better at this. But little things like that really help me out! :) I know. I'm goofy. But God is so good!

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Emii said...

What is a tract?:)

emilia. said...

That is so cool! Good for you. :) I've never handed out a tract, but if I ever want to talk to people or something, I ask myself "Who am I trying to please? Man or God?" It makes me a little more sure of myself knowing that my biggest fan is right by my side helping me. :)


Katherine Sophia said...

Emii, I just learned in medical terminology yesterday that *tract* means to draw. :) Basically, a tract is something meant to draw people to God - it's a little booklet explaining salvation that people can hand out in places where they wouldn't normally get to share the gospel (busy grocery store, parking lots, etc)
Some people say that they don't work, or even that they turn people off to Christianity, but I've heard enough testimonies from people who came to know Christ after reading a tract that I think they are worth-while, especially as confidence builders for shy people :) to practice telling people about God.
is a really good place to check out, and so is !

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks, Emily! That's exactly it, too... What I need to remember for sure! :)


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