Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another tag...

Here are the rules of the tag:
1. List 8 stories or books you'd like to live in. (for two weeks or so)
2. List eight other bloggers who deserve this award.
3. Comment on their blog, and let them know they've won an award

That's hard. The books I love to read are not necessarily the ones I'd like to live in! :) Let's see...

1. Elsie Dinsmore, especially the middle books in the series. I could probably handle Southern Plantations...

2. The Bronze Bow. I always liked this book, although I'm not sure I would have enjoyed Israel during ~30AD.

3. Laddie. There, that's a book I really like and could live in!

4. The Black Stallion. Cut out the desert island and eating sea weed, and being a jockey, oh, and living in a city, and I want to live in this book. :D

5. Chronicles of Narnia. Ok, I have to put that, because when I first read The Last Battle, I was furious. I wanted to go there so badly, I couldn't believe Narnia had just been destroyed. (I was like 8 or 9.) :)

6. Battle for Black Rock. I would like to have known Jim Craig.

7. The Good Master. Yes, most of these are kid's books, but ones that I've liked since reading them years ago.

8. Flight to Glory. This is one of the coolest books... and one I can actually imagine being in, although I am very unlike the characters. :) It's a good book.

And I tag:

1. Mike
2. Jessica
3. Leah
4. Emily
5. Felicity
6. Lizzy
7. Gray
8. Lady Blanche Rose

7 thoughts shared:

Lady Blanche Rose said...

Thanks for tagging me! Oh, I was the same way when I read "The Last Battle". :) Actually, I still sort of am! ;)

And I had a question...how do you make the HTML code that you have at the right for linking to your blog? I've wanted to do that!

Leah Marie said...

Oh thank you! This is exciting!
~Leah Marie

Jessica said...


Felicity said...

Thanks for tagging me!
My time on the computer these days is down to practically nothing so I might take awhile to get to it though. . . :)

Emily Anne said...

Thanks so much for the past tags and this one. I have been so busy I have a lot building up! Oh dear. :/ Hope to see you soon!


Lady Blanche Rose said...

Thanks so much - I'm working on making a blog button right now! :)

Katherine Sophia said...

You're welcome everyone! :) And don't worry about not doing it immediately - I've had some of these tags around for a while before I got to them! :D


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