Monday, February 22, 2010

The hardest thing about that party was keeping it a surprise. I thought with me at my grandparent's house it wouldn't be too difficult, especially as my grandparents were able to get me a meeting room at a hotel near our house and were willing to drive me to down for my next visit with my family.

But getting my mom down to the hotel to pick me up proved quite difficult.

She saw no reason why she should have to pick me up at exactly 3pm, or why, if my grandparents were driving down, they couldn't come to our house. There were time conflicts, she was going to be somewhere else until 5pm and it just really didn't make sense.

Plans were thought up, discarded, implemented then discarded... nothing was working. Finally, in almost-desperation, I asked one friend, who has known her forever and lives right by the hotel, to try to get her down there. She called my mom and asked her to bring my brothers down to audition to play at the Farmer's Market this summer!

Didn't work.

In actual-desperation, I looked at my grandpa and said, "Didn't you ever train your daughter to just do as she was told?!"

Five minutes later he got off the phone, with her promise to be there before 3:30.

Although this is in character for my grandpa, she was quite mad at him. He was so uncaring about what she had going on that day and what her plans were - just, "be there." What did he have to tell her, in person, no less, that was so important? Talking to one friend, she told her how annoyed she was, and added, "It had better be good." (How that friend managed to not crack up, and even to gently encourage her to go, I have no idea!) She even called up my uncle to find out if he knew what on earth was wrong with their father! I don't know what all he told her, but being a born story-teller, it was something about my grandpa turning over his resort to my younger brother. Which, although not exactly false (he does say things like that once in a while...), was not really what my grandpa was planning on telling her when he came down this weekend!

The movie we got of her face when she walked in the door was good.


Two things.

One, why do we tend to wait until we are desperate before we are willing to go to The One who we know can fix it? Why do we try every other avenue, even those impractical and bothersome to others, before we turn and ask for help in the right place? God is able to accomplish anything - I need to go to Him first, not let some misguided sense of pride (that awful thing!) keep me from coming to Him immediately.

Two, listening to my grandpa on the phone, I loved it when he said, "It's very important. Have I ever led you wrong?" Of course, being human, the next thing he said was, "Hey, don't give me that." :) But my mom came. And at the party, I was not the only one who thought of this: When our Heavenly Father asks us to do something, we can know "it's going to be good." We can trust His wisdom and His love for us, no matter how much we do not understand. His plans are for our good and He cares infinitely for us, and He will never lead us wrong.

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Merriette said...

Wow, that's a wonderful point and very well made. Thanks for sharing. (And I'm glad you did manage to get your mother there.:)

Jessica said...

A cheer for grandfathers! Huzzah! Beautiful analogy so sweet. I am so glad that we can trust our Heavenly father to never steer us wrong. :)

Katherine Sophia said...

Me too, Merriette! :) I was afraid I'd have to tell her, which wouldn't have been half as fun. :)
And Jessica, absolutely. I think one of my favorite attributes of God is His perfection, His holiness - that no matter what, He is always right, and always good. Remembering that is such a relief! :)

Can do mom said...

"Didn't you ever train your daughter just to do as she was told?" Heh heh, I guess we're all works in progress, aren't we?

The thing is, I KNOW what I SHOULD do, but often just don't or won't do it. Sadly, becoming an adult doesn't automatically graduate us to a life of obedience. I'm not talking about your wonderful mother here, either. I'm speaking strictly for myself!

I'd love the torte recipe as well. It was divine!

What a fun afternoon and a great chance to meet your terrific grandparents!


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