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Anybody want to argue? :)

I saw my horse, Rio, yesterday, and was reminded of this rather indisputable fact. It's not a fatal disease, you don't need the vet, it's easily treatable. But it is necesary to put medicine underneath the scabs. Not fun. It hurts. But you can't just leave it, because it's unhealthy. And, unfortunately, my horse disliked having the rain rot taken off so much that she became quite kick-y. If I rub my hands along her back, she kicks. The strange thing is, she usally kicks her other leg. She's never kicked me, but gotten herself several times. The rain rot itself doesn't seem to bother her - but getting it cured does.

Which made me think of Job. I don't think he really realized that he was sinful - until God peeled off some scabs. It hurt. And he started kicking himself, justifying himself rather than God. He had no consolation, because he did not trust God. He didn't ask God for comfort; he asked for the justification for the pain he was being caused. The more he justified himself, the more convinced he became that God was not being nice to him.

Sometimes life is painful. We can make it that way ourselves (like Rio cutting her leg last year by kicking through a fence), or simply because it's life (like her getting rain rot because it was wet and rainy and I was gone for 2 months). And sometimes those things that happen through no fault of our own, even when they are not major disastors, are the most annoying. The more we kick against them, though, the more it hurts and the longer it takes for God to cure us, teach us, and get us through.

Because, just like the only reason I would go do something as fun as take rain rot off the back of a shaggy little mare is because I care about her, God does not allow pain into our lives except because He loves us.

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Merriette said...

This post is so true and well-written. Though I had never heard of rain rot before, the illustration was well used and very understandable and poignant.
I love your header and sidebar, by the way.

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you! I got my header from a picture my older brother drew years ago, so I like it a lot. :)

Rachel said...

ahhh the joys of rain rot. when i moved south it seemed to happen more, one time half of the 30 horses I cared for got it. yuck yuck. great post =]

Felicity said...

So true.
I was just writing an essay about how the way we react to pain determines whether it improves us or not. I like, though, how you say that God WILL use the pain for our good, it just takes longer when we fight it.
I know you don't know me, but I saw your comment on Merriette's blog and wanted to tag three people that hadn't been tagged already so. . .tagged you!


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