Saturday, January 23, 2010

I read Rilla of Ingleside again last week...
and cried again.
Few books can make me cry - even fewer can make me cry twice.

But thinking of all those who have died for what they believe in... Those who have given their all that others might live... Those who are fighting overseas now, in a crazy kind of war where you never know when a random person might turn out to be a suicide bomber... I cried.

Then I wondered, why do I love this book and what makes me re-read it?
Besides Rilla's "Yeth", I think it is Walter.

The reason we love the stories of those who die for others, who sacrifice themselves that those they love might have peace, is because they are a picture of that Other, who died that we might have eternal peace.

Jesus Christ died so that we could still have goodness, beauty, and right. That evil would not triumph over them.
He loves us. He did not want us to be separated from Him, and He is Goodness, Beauty, and Righteousness.
Because of His sacrifice, we can have those things.
He died so that we might live - with Him.
Evil cannot triumph.

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Jessica said...

Yeth,I adore this book and Walter and Rilla! It made me cry and laugh too after the first four Anne books I love this one the best. Someday when I have a library it will be Anne of Green Gables, Avonlea, Island, House of Dreams, and Rilla of Inglside. Walter, I adore Walter, I love all things fact I love every Walter I have ever met in a book...hmmm that has me thinking now.


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