Sunday, January 24, 2010

I got to skiing on Friday, at the ski hill my mom always skied at, now run by her high school friends! It was really fun. I got to spend some time with some home school families up here and go skiing for the first time since last season!
Maybe it was that (my first time skiing), or maybe it really was my goggles (what I blamed it on), :) but I had some trouble seeing the snow. I felt like I was skiing blind most of the day, with no depth perception - wait a sec, I think that was a jump I just skied off!

No, it actually wasn't nearly that bad, but I did check to see if yellow tinted goggles worked better than my regular orange tinted ones. Nope, yellow just looked so odd I didn't even take that pair outside. After skiing with orange-tinted goggles for so long, it just feels weird to look at a yellow world. (Or a pink one, which I tried when I really wanted pink-tinted goggles. But it didn't look right!)

The world looks very different through different colored glasses. I got curious and checked to see how many different tints there were. Just a minute's search gave me:

I had no idea there were black or green tinted ski goggles! Each one is for a different amount of light - cloudy, sunny, dark, bright, night skiing, etc. And orange is supposed to be the best all-around... Hmmm. :D

We all see the world through our own pair of goggles. Some of us always see things with a rosy light; some of us see permanent shades of blue; some of us see the golden sunny side; others see life in brown, or even black. Sometimes we see through different goggles on different days.

But none of us can see the whole world as God sees it, without any goggles at all. He sees the truth - the whole truth, un-tinted by any bias or sin or personality or anything. We can't see it like that.

But do you know what we can do? We can ask God for clear goggles.

We won't see the entire picture spread out before us. But what we see, we can see through His eyes. We can see what is happening to us as He sees it, knowing everything He allows is for our good. We can see the opportunities around us as He sees them. We can look at the world and see people the way He sees them. We can see His presence in our lives, see Him at work in and around us.

I want clear goggles.

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Jessica said...

Wow! Love this, I want clear goggles too.

Leah Marie said...

I don't know what tint my goggles are but I don't really like them. I feel like I can't see! I'd like some clear ones too.
~Leah Marie

Anonymous said...

I only were my goggles when its snowing cause they are "orange tinted". I had clear and almost went blind for the sun on bright days. Had yellow, red, and green. You know all this but... just something to say.

Anonymous said...

Nice analogy! WE all need clear goggles. otherwise we'll have specks and be the blind leading the blind.


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