Sunday, January 3, 2010

Drawing Comparisons

I've been thinking. (dangerous words, I know) But-
You know how Jesus taught through everyday objects?

etc. etc. etc.

And I want to be able to point people to God with what we see or hear around us, what we are talking about, what is relevant to them. Not
Um... Hey. So, like, I was wondering. When was last time you went to church?

Not going to work.

And it's not like I would say that anyway. But I usually can't think of what I should say. Which usually means I say nothing.

Not going to work either.

My thoughts have led me (along with the help of my school consultant) :) to this:

I am going to start practicing drawing comparisons between the natural world and the spiritual world. And I'm posting this because I never seem to actually try it. I forget. So please, if I do not post one (for lack of a better word I'm calling them similes) a week, feel free to scold me! They'll probably be different all the time, but they will be labeled simile below. =) Hopefully they will improve as I practice them! And comments will be very welcome! ;)

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