Saturday, December 5, 2009

His Thoughts Said... His Father Said... - Amy Carmichael

His thoughts said, "If only things continued in a regular order I would find it much easier to maintain a restful spirit, but as it is, there is no continuance in anything, ever."
His Father said, "Think it not strange if it be so. Thou hast here no continuing city; thou art seeking one to come. Thees changes are merely the changeful landscape of thy life as thou travelest to the City which hath foundations. But thy journey may be restful; if thou art inwardly at rest nothing outward can disturb thee. Peace always under all conditions - that is my word for thee. Do not let it slip. Do not drift away from it. Hold it fast; for it is not a vain thing for thee, because it is thy life."

The son wondered how it could be possible to sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus when life was so full of interruptions. Hardly an hour was without something that broke its ordered flow.
One day as he sat by a mountain stream he noticed the lovely way of water when interrupted by the boulders that broke its ordered flow. The river turned each into an occasion for beauty. And he understood that it was possible to live the river's way if only he took the interrupting things, not as interruptions, but as opportunities, and indeed as very part of life.
And while he sat there by the water, his dear Lord said to him, "As the ripples of the river glance up to the light, let they heart glance up to Me in little looks of love very often through the day."

His thoughts said, "I am ashamed because of my poverty of love and my interrupted obedience."
His Father said, "I know it all. I know thee as thou art and yet I love thee."
His thoughts said, "I often pray to be delivered from slothfulness that all the spaces of my time may be fruitfully filled by Thee; and yet the spaces seem to me quite empty, and the little that is done is so imperfectly done that I am ashamed."
His Father said, "Commit thine empty spaces to Me, and let thy trust be in the tender mercy of thy God forever and ever. I will perfect thine imperfections."

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