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Since we all love reading...

Here's a fun tag!

You pick 3 characters from 3 different books that you love, pick 1 picture of each character to post and add three interesting facts about each character. Then tag 3 people. Easy. :)

Ok, I wanted at least one heroine, and for some reason Kit Tyler stuck out to me. And this was the only picture I found that actually had some resemblance to how I imagined the characters! (Guess which is Kit? Nat is perfect!) My mom read this story out loud when I was very little, and the only part I remembered was:

~ Kit thinking, "He risked the whipping post to come back and help me. But he took the same risk to rescue a yellow cat!" Which for some reason made me want to re-read it when I got older. (?) :) She is funny. Deciding her cousin invented the pinch-by-pinch-method of making corn meal just to annoy her - and dumping it all in immediately, turning it to concrete... Shirking her jobs, which are harder than those her slaves used to do... Annoying everyone she talks to, although she doesn't mean to... Daring the anger of the town to help a destitute old woman... Throwing herself in the ocean to rescue a little girl's doll...

~She can swim! Which leads to the accusation of witch-craft...

~She is impatient, stubborn, and unthinking - but also loving, caring, and courageous. Which is why I like her. :)

William Wallace. (Don't you love this picture, by the way?) :) I first read Scottish Chiefs when I was 10 years old, sick in bed and looking for something interesting. I pulled it off of my brother's bookshelf, figuring it was a boring history book, but I could always glance through it - and I fell headlong into Scottish adventure. It was probably the first book that ever made me cry, and because I loved it so much, I only let myself read it once because I was afraid it wouldn't have the same impact on me the next time. Finally I read it again - and bawled once more. I have not read it in years, but these are the three interesting things I remember:

~He was pulled into a war he did not want to fight because of the horrors being done around him. Although merciful and forgiving, some things (I won't spoil it by saying what...) he could not take. I hated the English for years. (Unfortunately, as far as I know, I have no Scottish blood in me and plenty of English. Augh.) He was an amazing leader.

~He was betrayed by his friends. I remember almost word-perfectly the part where, "He blushed for her who knew no shame," as she lies through her teeth, wanting him to die. It is awful.

~He did NOT get hung or any of the other barbaric (Oooh, those English make me mad!) things history says. Read the book. He died as he lived, honorably and with amazing courage. (Not that historically he didn't actually have more courage... "He responded to the treason charge, 'I could not be a traitor to Edward, for I was never his subject.'" Imagine saying that when you punishment is to be dragged through the streets by horses, hung until nearly dead, and ripped slowly to pieces. Ok, I can't even think about that, let alone imagine it.)

Daniel has to be one of my all-time favorite people. I would love to make a movie about him! (If I knew how to make movies.) :) I go back and forth between him and Joseph as to who is my favorite OT hero, usually ending up with Joseph. But then I come back to Daniel and his amazing life... He did get his own book. I looked at a lot of pictures of him in the lion's den, and this one is the way I picture him: calm, cool, and collected. I love the way he's gesturing - it's like he is explaining to the lions why he is there and why they can't eat him. OK, 3 interesting facts about Daniel.

~He was just really cool. After graduating from college with honors and getting a job, his entire profession gets a death sentence. (Bad career choice!) The executioner shows up, and Daniel (basically!) says, "Wow, what made the king decide that so fast?" Not, "Please don't kill me," "It wasn't my fault," or anything of the sort. (Was he expecting it eventually, just not so soon? He had already figured out the guys he worked with were pretty annoying, I guess... Kind of like 99% of lawyers give the other 1% a bad name - 99% of magicians and wise men actually knew nothing?)

~One night he became the 3rd ruler in this foreign country - while insulting its king. Morning came the next day to find a completely new government, with new people, laws, and officials. Daniel promptly gets picked to be 2nd ruler in the new kingdom, instead of killed as you might expect. (Maybe somebody told about what he said the night before...) He always seems to be right up at the top.

~He went to a completely secular university for 3 years in a foreign country, away from home, church, and parents, even staying in the dorms through holidays and vacation - and became a mighty man of God while there. People knew he was good at everything he did, but most of all people knew he knew God. He gave God the glory for everything, and served Him with every bit of strength, wisdom, and grace that God gave him. He's an incredible inspiration to me and I love the book he wrote.

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