Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Acquittal - God's Infinite Mercy By Karen Sullivan Ables

In a far away place and a different time

I Killed my first child, a most heinous crime.

The state didn't come, and I didn't stand trial.

Judge Blackmun was calm when he said with a smile,

"Killing is legal, say we the High Court.

But don't call it murder. Just call it 'abort'"

The judge in my heart would not let the case rest.

I had no defense when once put to the test.

Found guilty I was by my heart's Supreme Court.

"You murdered your baby!" they screamed in retort.

With tears on my cheeks it was too late, I knew

to bring back the life of the child I once slew.

The gavel slammed sown, and it rang in my head,

"You are guilty as charged, and deserve to be dead."

"We now give you torment to pay for your sin,"

was the sentence passed down from my own court within.

"You will never escape. You're branded. Don't hide.

Your just due is death. You should try suicide."

I was beaten in prison by daily attack.

I was paying a debt, so I never fought back.

No hope of escaping, and this I knew well.

I cried out to God from my own self-made hell.

That day I met Jesus; He smiled in my face.

He said, "I forgive you. Come walk in my grace."

"Lord, I believe you forgive me and yet,

Blameless you are. Can you pay for my debt?"

"And, Lord, please don't touch me for: I am unclean.

I'm filthy with murder, a most wretched being."

I poured out my story. He showed no surprise.

I gazed up with awe at the love in His eyes.

He said, "I paid for your crime, yes, was nailed to a tree.

There's no condemnation if you'll trust in Me.

I took on your blame, and your curse on My soul

So you may be free without judgement and whole."

I sputtered, "Dear Lord, where's the justice in this?

I killed my first son, and you offer me bliss?

"Tears blurred my vision, yet there in His face

were eyes of compassion, blue oceans of grace.

I thought to myself, "Now the past has been buried?

I'm free of the guilt that for years I have carried?"

He said to accept. It's a gift that is free.

This is atonement, not justice for me!

My judge was dismissed, my accusers, and jury.

The truth of His love made them leave in a fury.

He smiled, "Walk with Me and come learn of My way,"

and grasping His hand I began a new day.

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Felicity said...

I just quickly looked at what you have to say about abortion and I found this. Wow! May I copy it?
Where others have a heart for the unborn, I have a heart for the women who have an abortion. I can't imagine the pain and guilt that they go through, and it is so exciting to see another woman who has discovered forgiveness and found peace!
Thank you for posting this!

Katherine Sophia said...

Yes, many times it seems people just can't imagine why anyone would have an abortion - they don't see what it must be like for them afterwards. It's fine with me if you copy it. I'm trying unsuccessfully to remember where I got it from... But I'm pretty sure it was something that people *wanted* distributed.

Felicity said...

Great! Thank you.

Katherine Sophia said...

You're welcome! :)


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