Sunday, January 4, 2009

Someday.... may be too late!

I kind of skipped over Christmas, being unable to think of anything brilliant to say that had not already been said one million times! Now that it is over, and school starts tomorrow :( …
This Christmas was a little different for me, in that our stay with our Grandparent’s was interrupted by a funeral. One of my relative’s good friends died of a brain aneurysm on Christmas Day. It was a complete shock to everyone, and obviously dampened down Christmas. Although I did not really know him very well, I saw how hard it hit my family, and it made me think of several things.
It reminded me that I don’t know how long those around me will be there and I can’t assume I will always have tomorrow to witness to them.
Besides witnessing, I saw how important it is to make sure things are right between you and others. Matthew 5:25 tells us to agree with our adversaries quickly. How much more should we hurry to agree with our friends? We are not supposed to let the sun go down on our wrath or to offer a gift to God without first reconciling with our brother. I have a tendency to want to ‘wait until I feel sorry’. That might be too late someday!
I don’t want to have everything up in the air when I die. Leaving things hanging, being really in debt, making a mess for everyone else in my family- I want to be ready to go. Actually, if I died today, I would leave a lot of stuff half-done. Obviously, some of that will always be there if you die suddenly, but I want to aim to get things finished and to not be in debt, etc.
Since I am always inclined to put things off, that last one is really hard. Early is important to God- it is found 86 times in the Bible, while late is found only three. I can’t put off things that need done now. Even if it feels early to me, I don’t know how long I have, and so I should take care of things right away. God will help me, early, as He shows me what I have to work on in order to be “on time” in witnessing, making things right, school, work, and everything else.
Psalm 46:5 God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: ######### help her, and that right early.

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