Sunday, November 9, 2008

Book Review

“In a world of frantic schedules, demanding deadlines, and unfulfilling pursuits, do you find yourself weary and disillusioned? Deep down, is your heart yearning for a place where you can get away from the noise of the world – a place of quiet rest and true satisfaction – where all is still and calm, like a serene mountain lake?
Teresa Nuckols invites you to come away from the busyness of life and find the true rest and fulfillment that is found in the presence of your loving heavenly Father and His holy Word.
Through real-life heartwarming stories, lessons from nature exhibiting God’s character, and the solid truths from God’s Word, Teresa gives a refreshing look at the purpose and heart of devotions, encouraging girls and women of all ages to daily seek the Lord’s glorious, transforming presence.
Consider the Lilies: A Girl’s Quiet Time with the Father will transform the way you approach your quiet time, bringing fresh life and vitality to your walk with the Lord.”

This was taken from the cover of Consider the Lilies: A Girl’s Quiet Time with the Father, another book I’m reading! My family just finished reading it aloud during family devotions. We downplay the girl aspect for my brothers. Despite being written specifically for girls, the book can be helpful to anyone. It is a book to read thoughtfully; its very nature calls you away, to spend time doing what really matters. It is not a book to skim over, but one to help you dig deeper into God’s word, striving to know Him and serve Him with all that you are. If you're interested, you can order it at ...


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