Friday, September 19, 2008

Book Review

Rose from Brier ~ by Amy Carmichael.
I haven’t finished this book yet, but I am loving it as much as I loved Thou Givest, They Gather, also by Amy Carmichael. (Very much.) I read TGTG last year, and it blessed me so much. As I struggled with certain things, her wisdom, insights, and encouragements from God’s word helped me over a difficult summer. Now I am reading Rose From Brier, a book “from the ill to the ill”, a treasure out of pain. It is not merely a book for sickness, but for any kind of sorrow. It is not a book to read when you are rejoicing; it will not speak to you then. But when you are unhappy, when things do not look all sunshiny-beautiful, then this book is amazing. I made to Chapter 13, and by then I knew that my problems were not so bad! I may have to save the rest of the book for a different time. Here is the 1st part of one of her poems:

“Home of our hearts, lest we forget
What our redemption meant to Thee,
Let our most reverent thought be set
Upon Thy Calvary.

We, when we suffer, turn and toss
And seek for ease, and seek again;
But Thou upon Thy bitter cross
Wast firmly fixed in pain.”

I never thought before about how much I struggle to escape pain and in convenience, how annoyed I get when things don’t go my way, while Jesus Christ chose such awful pain knowingly and because he wanted to go through it! Doesn’t it make you want to joyfully embrace crosses you cannot escape, at the least glorifying God with your attitude? I have thanked God for Amy Carmichael many times. Her books have taught me and cheered me when I needed it most, by turning me to Him.

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